Cable Car Project Started in Rize

Rize Mayor Halil Bakırcı's breakfast to the AK Party Provincial Organization was attended by Rize Deputy Hasan Karal, AK Party Provincial President Hikmet Ayar, AK Party Provincial Organization, Rize Deputy Mayor and Council Members. Mayor Bakırcı noted that the ropeway project was planned for Şahin Hill and expropriated 30 decares of land and now 12 acres of land were expropriated.

Sohbet The work done and the projects to be done in Rize were evaluated in the last morning breakfast. Making important statements after the breakfast, Rize Mayor Halil Bakırcı said, “Such meetings give good results for our city. It is a good practice for us to come together as those serving Rize and to discuss the work we will do. We have done important work for Rize and continue to do so. There are important projects ahead of us, one of them is the Urban Transformation Project that we opened. We prevent unplanned urbanization with urban transformation. In urban transformation, we go to an agreement with the consent of the land owners. We give an apartment to the person who has an apartment where no one will be victimized. "The floors of the residences we will build with TOKI will be improved, and cement will be injected into the floor to strengthen them.

He also touched upon the ropeway project. . We are thinking about our ropeway project Şahin Hill. We started expropriation activities within the scope of the project. Total 30 land will be nationalized and we have nationalized the 12 landfill until now. Our project will begin with the expropriation Kamu she said.

Expressing that one of his important projects is an urban transformation project, Bakırcı said, “We are preventing crooked urbanization with urban transformation. We implement the project with the consent of the landowners. Nobody will be victimized. We give a flat to the person who has a flat. Ground improvements will be made while housing. The ground will be reinforced with cement. ”

Source: News Gundogdu

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