New railway line will reach Karaman ports

AK Party Karaman Deputy Mevlut Akgun, the new railway line will be delivered to the ports of Karamana produced products, he said. Akgun, the high-speed train line in Konya and its surroundings contributed to the economic and social contribution to Konya said. Konya inde hedef Karaman, Adana X hüküm Mersin Fast Train Line Project Akgün, Adana Konya ““ Karaman, Adana gün Ak Mersin High Speed ​​Line Project is the target of our government in 2023 program. But this needs to be accelerated. This year, there are double lines between Konya and Karaman. Konya Karaman railway line work will begin. This line will reach Mersine and Island. Both cargo and passenger will be transported. A product produced in our Karaman province will be easily transported to the ports by rail. This line will contribute to our industrialists imize ?? said. . We recently held a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. We talked to our Minister on the Konya ük gör Karaman and Adana Mersin line. We will work with Konya to complete the line and complete this line. Hatt