Iraq 2. Suleymaniye Construction Fair

Turkey, Iraq discovered the actual trade center. ELANEXPO, one of the leading fair organization companies, will perform in the 2012 in Iraq's commercial center SÜLEYMANİYE for the second time, BuildExpo.

SULAYMANIAHEXPO Fairs (, organized by ElanExpo, will be held in Suleymaniye, the gateway to the Middle East market; March will be held at 2012. SULAYMANIAH BUİLD EXPO, which will cover construction-building materials, machinery and infrastructure services with a very large market in the region, will offer a wide range of opportunities to all investors in Northern Iraq with the business volume of 300 billion dollars in the construction sector. .

We export the most 2. Sulaymaniyah, which rises to the market position, attracts investors, the potential in the north of Iraq.

North is in the process of reconstruction in Iraq, began reviewing the entire world and the cutthroat competition in Turkey it attracts attention as a market. The allocation of 2 billion dollars for the reconstruction of Suleimaniyah in the Northern Iraqi Administration, and the estimation of 5 billion-dollar spending for infrastructure investments led the Turkish firms to shift to Sulaymaniyah.

Mainly northern Iraq, including the distribution made in 2008. Turkey's top exporting countries located between Iraq, # 3.9 with $ 8 billion, while this year rose to second place. Turkey's overall exports in the global crisis environment, the level fell to 32%, this rate showed a significant increase of 76% with exports to Iraq. Iraq, whose economy and foreign currency income is 95% dependent on oil; In terms of the restructuring of the region in recent years, it has created attractive and attractive investment opportunities for investors in sectors such as Agriculture, Banking, Textile, Communication, Construction, Education & Courses, Energy, Cosmetics, Medical Tools & Equipments, Health, Professional Services, Oil and Gas, Tourism.

In the reconstruction of Iraq, Sulaymaniyah is rapidly moving towards becoming an important center.

Iraq's most important trading center entrance door and Sulaymaniyah, Iraq-Iran-Turkey is an important transit trade center of the triangle, with Erbil has become a rising market. Iran-Iraq-Turkey is no security problem in the city is an important center of transit trade triangle. The allocation of 2 billion dollars for the reconstruction of Suleimaniyah by the Northern Iraqi Administration and the estimation of 5 billion dollars for infrastructure investments led the Turkish firms to shift to Sulaymaniyah.

The international airport in Sulaymaniyah, the most rapidly developing city in Iraq, with more than two million inhabitants, economically, commercially and culturally, provides businessmen with convenient, safe and fast access to this region.

2011 will be held in SULAYMANIAH Construction Fair in January; 8 company from 160 country and businessmen as well as local authorities, especially local officials attended the high-level government and diplomatic officials. TISSU, Iraq's Ambassador to Romania Iacob PRADA, Kirkuk Governor Abdul Rahman MUSTAFA, Kirkuk Chamber of Commerce, Suleymaniye Chamber of Commerce, Baghdad State Procurement Committee, Kirkuk Purchase Mission, Mosul Purchasing Representative, Romania, and 42.500 Persons visited among them. The ceremony was held by Industry Trade Minister Sinan ÇELEBİ. The fair created a large platform for international business partnerships. In line with the agreements and demands made, it is seen that there is intense demand especially in construction, construction machinery, infrastructure services, heating cooling and ventilation systems, building materials (ceramic, construction chemicals, pipe and fluid systems), and it will be observed that these purchases will continue in the coming days. Sulaymaniyah expo fair, the last 5 in Sulaymaniyah, is the most successful fair of the year and the number of visitors reaching the 42.500 was very satisfied with the number of visitors.

8 has participated with the international companies such as PetKim, Alarko, Arzum, Dyo Boya, Kalevit and Kütahya Ceramics. step has been.

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