We can reinforce Izmir from Marmaray.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the İZBAN train set purchase agreement, Transport Minister Yıldırım said that we are working to reinforce İZBAN, one of the train sets prepared for Marmaray. İZBAN will be purchased from South Korea for 40 electric train sets.

The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, stated that the delivery of 40 new train sets to be purchased for İZBAN will be started 2 years later, and that he has instructed the vehicles prepared for Marmaray for this line to be reinforced in this process. A signing ceremony was held with the South Korean Hyundai Rotem company in İZBAN General Directorate for the purchase of 40 electric train sets to the urban rail public transportation system İZBAN in İzmir.

Speaking at the ceremony, Yıldırım thanked Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and General Directorate of TCDD on behalf of Izmir residents for their harmonious work in the realization of İZBAN, which serves 160 thousand Izmir residents a day. Stating that the Izmir suburban system will continue until Bergama in the north and Selçuk in the south, the line will exceed 150 kilometers, the work has begun in the Cumovası-Torbalı section, and even the number of passengers carried has reached 160 thousand per day, but the target number of passengers is 500 thousand. Yıldırım emphasized that even one-third of the target was not reached, for this, the number of trips must be increased, and the intervals should be reduced to 6 minutes.

Yıldırım said that new train sets should be reached to reach this goal, TCDD's suburban trains and intercity train services should be integrated with İZBAN: “When we do these two things, we can easily reach 550 thousand passengers a day. We take the step for the first. The project started with 33 sets, then we reinforced 10 of the train sets we built for Marmaray. Contracts are now signed for 40 sets. We have 2 years ahead of us. There is no benefit from these sets for 2 years. In the meantime, I instructed friends as to whether we can make reinforcements from the vehicles and train sets prepared for Marmaray, they are doing his work. A long time of 2 years. In order not to keep this capacity idle, we must make good use of this time. Our friends will do their best and make an effort to allocate them from existing vehicles until a new train set arrives here. ”

Tariff and ticket integration will increase the frequency of voyages

Minister Yıldırım stated that he has instructed to switch to ticket and tariff integration between TCDD and İZBAN flights as soon as possible, and that if this integration is achieved, the frequency of the trip may decrease from 12 minutes to 6 minutes. In this way, Yıldırım stated that the number of passengers carried in the morning and evening hours can be doubled, this time will be shortened with the increase of train sets and they will easily reach the annual capacity of 2 million passengers. The construction of train sets domestic contribution rate is 200 percent, it will gradually increase, all of the recent train set made would be expressing Lightning in Turkey, Hyundai Rotem Company from loved Izmir deputies as the words they want the provision of the firms in Izmir's local contribution to the trainset.

Efforts to sign a free trade agreement

Sangkyu Lee, South Korean Ambassador to Ankara, said that the understanding of historical cooperation between the two countries has increased exponentially with the agreements signed in recent years. Ambassador Sangkyu Lee drew attention to the contacts of Presidents Lee Myung-Bak in Ankara in February and underlined that the blood brotherhood between the two countries has been agreed to transform into a strategic partnership. It context made again of a time before the cut nuclear cooperation talks and stating that discussed the issue of establishing a nuclear power plant in Turkey Sangky Lee, the free trade agreement between the two countries in talks in Ankara, also said he discussed the administration speeds.

Ambassador Sangkyu Lee said: “I have received news from Seoul. They herald that the negotiations were successful. When Prime Minister Erdogan attends the Nuclear Security Summit to be held later this month in Seoul, efforts are made to sign this agreement (free trade agreement). We expect this agreement to come into effect next year. ” TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that Egeray and the operator of the system, İZBAN, were implemented with exemplary cooperation of the ministry, TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, and that they continue their efforts to expand the service without sacrificing quality and comfort.

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