Manisa will grow even faster by high-speed train.

. We must protect the environment not only for ourselves, but also for our future generations and our sons, AK said AK Party Deputy Chairman Huseyin Tanriverdi.

Tanriverdi participated in the ceremony which was organized by Manisa Forestry Operation Directorate for the launch of Proj Manisa-Izmir Highway Route Landscape Arrangement Project Tanrı.

Huseyin Tanriverdi, Sabuncubeli in his speech at the ceremony held at Forest Depot, the route Izmir-Manisa, said that one of the ways that Turkey's busiest traffic flow.

Manisa is growing more and more every day, economic and social aspects of the development of the Goddess, said:

Kalkınma The explosion Manisa made in exports exceeded our economic development targets. This is very pleasing for both Manisa and our country. The most important instrument of Manisa's production, which has become such a center of attraction, is the most important instrument in its marketing to the country and abroad. Transportation needs to be comfortable, safe and smooth. This line, which is the door where Anatolia was opened to the Aegean Sea, is being supported by a fast train project and shows that our province will grow and develop in the coming period. Anadolu

Hüseyin Tanrıverdi pointed out the importance of the project of afforestation of the Manisa-İzmir Highway Route Project in the hope of a healthy and clean environment in a clean environment.

The scope of the project will be brought together with the soil of the seedlings that guarantee the future Tanriverdi, said:

”We must protect the environment not only for ourselves, but also for our future generations and children. The environment is meaningful not only in terms of meeting the biological and economic needs of the individual and society, but also with respect to social and cultural values. With this understanding and consciousness, we must all be green and have nature. We must warn those who do. Tah

3 150 thousand tree saplings to be planted annually

Manisa Forest Operation Manager Yalçın Akın stated that the project aims to plant the lands on Manisa-İzmir highway route with high value of plant species and plan to plant a thousand trees every year in 3 year-long project.

Akin projects in Turkey Business Association (TEO) protocol signed by Manisa Directorate "Social Benefit Study Program" noting also will be implemented, he said so that project implementation during 30 people employed will be provided.

Following the speeches at the ceremony, Tanriverdi and the protocol members accompanying him planted saplings in the area determined by Manisa-Izmir highway route.

Tree planting ceremony, AK Party Manisa Deputy Muzaffer Citizen, Deputy Governor of Manisa Necmettin Yalinalp, Manisa Police Director Yunus Cetin Izmir Regional Director of Forestry Ibrahim Aydin also attended.

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