The lowest offer for the Ankara metro is from China.

The lowest bid in the tender for the purchase of vehicles to be used in the Ankara subway came from the Chinese company with $ 391 million. Rotem company of Hyundai, which sells to Istanbul, has offered over 500 million dollars.
324 to be used in the Ankara Subway tender for the supply of the new vehicle with the lowest bid 391 million 230 thousand dollars Chinese company CSR Electric Locomotive Co. Ltd. He gave.

Ankara Metros vehicle tender, Transport, Maritime and Communication Ministry General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments Conference Hall was held. Ahmet Kuşanoğlu, Deputy General Manager of Infrastructure Investments, has made a bid for 3, including CSR Electric Locomotive (China), CAF SA (Spain) and Hyundai Rotem (Korea). Siemens company sent a letter of thanks.

After examining the documents of the firms, the offer envelopes were opened. In the tender, the 391 million 230 thousand dollars and the lowest bid with the Chinese company CSR Electric Locomotive, while the Spanish CAF company made the bid via euros. CAF has offered 321 million 829 thousand 20 euros for the construction of vehicles, while Korean company Hyundai Rotem has offered 511 million 140 thousand 244 dollars.

After reviewing the tenders, the tender commission will give the job to the company that offers the lowest bid.

The company that undertakes the work, 20 month after signing the contract will start the first delivery of parties for 15 vehicles. All vehicles will be delivered within 39 months.

In the first 75 of the metro vehicles, at least 30 percent domestic contribution will be envisaged, while the remaining part will be 51 percent domestic contribution.

The first delivery time of the vehicles will reach the completion of the construction work of the Kizilay-Cayyolu and Sincan-Batikent subway lines.

Metin Tahan, Deputy Director General of Infrastructure Investments, said in a statement, the government and Ankara longed to wait for the Ankara Metro at the end of 2013 said they aim to operate. Tahan explained that they worked very intensively on this subject and thanked everyone who contributed. Very important 3 firm offers bidding, and a letter of thank you to send Tahan, 75 in the first place to be done in the first part of the 30 domestic contribution rate, the remaining part of the 51 local contribution rate recalled.

Tahan noted that this is extremely important for the domestic industry and economy. The tender commission will evaluate the proposals as soon as possible representing Tahan, where the company receives it, and be beneficial to Turkey, Ankara wishes.

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