The possibility of a strike during the London Olympics.

During the London Olympics, the offer for the unions to refuse to strike was denied.
Updated: 15 March 2012 12: 11
27 12 2012 XNUMX attempted to prevent strike during XNUMX London Olympics.

The Unite union announced that the £ 850 (approximately $ 1330) bid to be made during the Olympic games was rejected on the grounds that it was too stipulated. Unite argued that the management wanted "unlimited flexibility" from employees in the period after the Olympics.

Expected response from other unions
The other two unions with the same offer have not yet reported their response. “Unite was ready to accept the offer, but it is impossible due to the conditions imposed on it. We cannot endanger the health and safety of our employees, ”he said. “Our members are asked to show unlimited flexibility in terms of working hours and locations, not only during the Olympics, but also for an indefinite period afterward,” Morgan-Evans said. he spoke. Metro management, on the other hand, expressed regret for the rejection of the offer, but stated that it is ready to continue negotiations on this issue.


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