Logistics was spoken in Tüsiad.

TÜSİAD by March 14 2012 held in Istanbul in history "Foreign Trade Logistics in Turkey: Cost and Competition Elements" Seminar on TCDD Deputy Director General and Board Member Kurt made a presentation Veys.

The opening speeches of the seminar were made by TÜSİAD Chairman Ümit Boyner and TÜSİAD Foreign Trade and Customs Union Working Group President Asım Barl. Veysi Kurt, Deputy General Manager and Board Member of TCDD, Soner Akkurt, Deputy General Manager of Turkish Airlines, and Jale Arslan, Head of Department of Trade Facilitation at the General Directorate of Risk and Control and Trade, participated in the seminar.

Kurdish; In his presentation lam Developments in Turkish Railways in the Context of Foreign Trade Logistics “; Restructuring efforts to increase the quality and competition, renewal of existing railways, signalization, electrification, construction of high-speed train networks and additional carrying capacity, the creation of uninterrupted east-west corridors detailed descriptions.

Wolf; In order to become a logistics base in the region of our country; Istanbul - Basra, Istanbul - Kars - Tbilisi - Baku, Kavkaz - Samsun - Basra, Istanbul - Aleppo - Mecca, Istanbul - Aleppo - Damascus - North Africa transportation corridors have been developed, for this purpose Kars-Tbilisi, Bosphorus Crossing (Marmaray), Kavkaz- He stated that the projects of Samsun Ferry, Vangölü Crossing, Nusaybin-Iraq connection are continuing.

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