Konyalilar wants trams replaced

Not forgetting the promises given in the local elections of 2009, Konya's 1980 model trams mocked on Facebook.

In the first years, Konya does not want the 1980 model trams, which filled an important deficiency and aroused excitement for Konya. Konyalı, whose eyes are on the renewed trams in Kayseri, Burssa, Eskişehir and Gaziantep, wants new trams to come, which were used as an election promise in 2009 local elections. Konyalı stated that the authorities have made the tram issue behind their ears and stated that they have not forgotten the election promises made by Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek regarding the trams in the past years.

As in other metropolitan cities, Konya's new model is looking forward to the new trams of citizens, the choice of the trolley, which is the promise of choice in every election, is now waiting to be solved. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor also reminded citizens to its promises regarding the tram Tahir Akyürek, Turkey's oldest trams that, due to be intertwined with urban traffic, also complained of in the accident.


Mayor Tahir Akyürek, made a statement in the public opinion of 2009 Konya, trams by the end of the year 2010 tender to be defeated and said that within one year the new trams will enter service. However, the 2 year after these statements, but no work done, the citizen's statements as a result of the election investment was perceived.

In the 2009 tram statement, Akyürek said, tram The 25 rail system will be doubled. Especially towards the end of 2010 year, we will make a new line and new tram auction. In 2011 we are also planning to enter into service. With the introduction of the high-speed train in Konya, the city will be built with rail systems. Again, Alaaddin and the new courthouse building are working for the tram. We'il set a new route here. The quality of service will increase with the arrival of the new trams. Yeni


In a press conference on the Şeb-i Arus program in December of 2010, Akyürek answered how the journalists questioned whether there was a study to improve and accelerate the trams:

En In fact, the rail system used in Konya is one of the most robust systems. 300 expeditions a day. Therefore, it is normal to have some problems from time to time. We are carrying out the necessary projects for the solution of these problems. In a study we conducted for the modernization of trams, we learned that the cost of new wagons is at least 2 million euros per piece. On the other hand, the cost of one of the existing trams is 1 million 200 thousand TL. Despite these high costs, we will make a regulation on the trams Bu.


Konyalı, in the light of these explanations, waited for a concrete step towards the trams from Konya Metropolitan Municipality, and the 1980 model trams of Konya became a mockery of the social networking site. Founded on Facebook and more than a thousand members of the 4 komik those who want to renew trams in Konya diy in the group of funny comments about the trams, while at the same time makes citizens think.

Here are some of the comments about the 1980 model trams in Konya on Facebook: ı I want all of the tram lines to be in Konya Konya. I don't want to ride those trams anymore eğ, üyor People laugh at new trams, have fun, beard with each other. In Konya, why don't we have a new trolley, why can't we be amazed? S, un One day I see the change of the trolley with the eyes of the world gün D The men have done this in the 80 years and they don't fall old and yahuu, üyor I heard in the news that even the new trams in Istanbul were changing; but we still 2. We're getting on the trams from World War II. 3 for replacement. They are waiting for World War vay, iyor Not a tram, but a tin can. Dünya

Source: NewMeram

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