Karabük University, a Principle Signed in the Department of Systems Engineering Rail opening Turkey.

Karabük University, no other opening the Rail Systems Engineering departments began to exist in a university education in this field in Turkey.

2007 professor, 18 associate professor, 2 assistant professor and 6 research assistant in 12, 12 student in 98.

Turkey's first railway systems engineer candidates, they trained in 5 years, basic science education in the first year after the year of preparation for the second year basic engineering training, will receive training in the third and fourth years of expertise.

Students will be specialized in infrastructure, geology, soil mechanics, statics and strength of building types, rails, superstructure, basic machine elements, rail vehicle mechanics-dynamics, basic production techniques, railway materials, mechanical vibrations, signaling and control systems.

The students managed to complete 5 years of education, as Turkey's first railway systems engineers, the State Railways, according to the research and development unit will be able to be employed in the private sector and area of ​​expertise.

Karabuk University Rector Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) about the studies at the university, said that the aim of educating engineers in this field is to meet the need of trained engineers with sufficient knowledge and skills about rail systems technologies in Turkey, with the ability to identify, formulate, model, analyze and solve problems. the ability to conduct and conduct experimental designs when necessary, and to analyze and interpret the results kazanSaid it was climbing.

Experience of academic staff who will train in the field of rail systems kazanUysal, who stated that it consists of distinguished people who have worked in the field, stated that the railway management has been kept in the forefront in the railway training given in Turkey until this time.

In our country, where high-speed trains have started to become widespread, Uysal stated that they have started to train engineers in this field by determining the technical deficiencies of the railway superstructure and superstructure.

“With the training given in this field, the systems that compose the railway infrastructure and superstructure will be improved and developed by using the basic engineering sciences, and it will be ensured to be applied to the existing rail system technologies. It is a group of disciplines that includes rail systems engineering, construction, electrical-electronics and mechanical engineering. For this reason, the basic subjects of these three disciplines will be taught in rail systems engineering education and the student will be specialized in certain areas by considering the areas in which he has been successful in the last years.

Source : www.haberciniz.biz

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