İzmir Metro Line length 14 km. 75 has increased to a thousand

Izmir people, contemporary, comfortable, safe and fast access to the subway from the first day, loved and adopted. The most concrete expression of this was the increasing number of passengers. Especially between 2008 and 2011, the annual number of passengers in İzmir Metro increased by 80. In 2001, the number of passengers per day is 75, while the number of passengers has reached 160 thousand and the number of passengers in 173 has reached to XNUMX per day.

The mileage of metro trains increased every year. This also indicates that the travel frequencies have increased and are now operating at very short intervals. For example, in 2001 1 million 105 thousand kilometers in the metro line, while the 2011 1 350 thousand kilometers traveled in a clear expression of this increase, he noted.

Line length 14 km. it was

With the opening of Ege University and Evka 3 Stations, İzmir Metro started to serve with 12 station. 11.6 km. The line has reached 14 km with newly added stations.

IZBAN, operating on the north-south axis of the İzmir Metro, located on the east-west axis of the city, is able to switch to each other in Halkapınar station within the 90 minute transfer system. The southern axis of İZBAN, which consists of the Aliağa line, and Cumaovası, the southern axis, serve a total of 80 kilometers and 31 stations. Even an average of 165 thousand passengers per day is moving.

The urban rail system, which has a total length of 94 km and embraces the east, west, north and south of Izmir, conveys an important load of the public transportation system by carrying a daily average 340 thousand passengers and offers a fast, safe and comfortable journey to the city.

Peron lengths of Ege University and Evka 3 stations were constructed in accordance with 125 meters and 5 series as in others.

ESHOT, with the start of the new front passenger service, started to reduce the traffic load in the hospital area by taking Evka 3 from Bornova Metro to the transfer point of some buses in the first place.

Source: Local Agenda

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