Izmir Metro Evka 3 and Ege University stations open tomorrow (30 March Friday) at 11.00

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the 10 station, has added an 2.25 kilometer tunnel and two more stations to İzmir Metro, which provides public transportation service. Evka 3 and Ege University stations will be opened tomorrow at 30 with the participation of CHP President Kılıçdaroğlu.

Two more people are being added to the Light Rail System Project initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to develop the modern means of transportation within the city. The first time 22 Izmir 2000 10 station to provide urban rail services to the city with the Izmir Metro, 2 thousand 250 meter tunnels Evka 3 and the opening ceremony of the Aegean University stations are preparing to live on one of the days. Izmir's new metro stations will be opened at 30, Evka 11.00 tomorrow (3 March Friday) with the ceremony attended by Republican People's Party President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

The Ege University Station on this new route will greatly alleviate the transportation burden of the university campus, with its staff, staff and students, on a daily basis. Also, Evka 3 Station will be the center of attraction for the people living and working in Bornova Evka 3 region which is the growing and developing region of the city. The location of the station and the ESHOT bus transfer center will provide great convenience and convenience.

10 mile bored piles

As a result of the second tender, 19 m2010 excavation was carried out on the construction of the Bornova metro line, which was started on 375.000 August 3. 55.000m3 concrete, 10.500 meter bored pile, 1950 pieces precast beam, 9060 meter rail, 7550 piece traverse and 15000 tone iron were used. 8 units were mounted on 6 pieces elevator with escalator.

26 January On the 2012 test run, many technical details such as train sets, rails, energy intake, measuring the sound level, scissor safety switch, electronic control, signaling and communication were reviewed.

20 Since March 2012, two new stations of Izmir Metro have started the journey of passenger journeys including University and Evka 3 stations. The voyages of the new line were realized with the new wagons produced in China.
Today, the official opening ceremony of the Aegean University and Evka 3 stations, Izmir Metro station was the number of 12.

Source: Local Agenda

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