İZBAN's Metro Wagons Revolted People with Disabilities ..

The Volunteer Handicapped Group in Izmir protested by stating that especially visually and physically disabled people have difficulties within the scope of the actions they started with the slogan 'I want my pavement'.

Approximately 20 wheelchair disabled people gathered in front of Alsancak Metro, taking the metro to reveal the problems they experienced in wagons. Bayraklıwent to. Bayraklı After getting off at the Metro Station, the disabled people who complained about the narrow sidewalk on the road to the Public Works Directorate asked that their troubles were ignored and a solution was found.

Speaking on behalf of the disabled, Ayşe Baysal said, “There are spatial barriers in our city not only for the disabled but for all individuals. Disability problems are a common social problem. The needs of people with disabilities have not been considered much, and now they have problems that have grown up like mountains. In the Disability Law, it was stipulated that the public service and transportation vehicles should be made available to the disabled until July 2012. However, despite all the laws and regulations regarding this issue, it is seen that the practices in the city we live in are not correct and sufficient, and in some of the regulations, the relevant TSE standards are not complied with. We love our city. We want unobstructed design and universal designs for all of us in our city. ”

Baysal added that especially physically and visually impaired people cannot use metro wagons and this problem should be resolved. Disabled people also conveyed their problems to the Provincial Directorate of Public Works.

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