Siemens Signature in Istanbul Metro


Turkey in carrying out activities in far different provinces Siemens, Istanbul is one of the busiest areas Hacıosman - the signalization of the subway line between Şişhane and projects carried out for the electrification work will be introduced in the booth at Eurasia Rail 2012. The line, which has a total length of 16.5 km, carries an important need for the public transportation of Istanbul with its daily 300 passenger capacity. In order to facilitate management, Siemens commissioned the VICOS RSC, Energy and Environmental Control SCADA system to facilitate the establishment of control centers in Seyrantepe and Taksim stations. Ventilation ensures that processes such as detection of failure in electromechanical equipment, alarm display, fire detection and smoke evacuation, and management and monitoring of escape route scenarios run smoothly.

Using the Trainguard MT solution, which is used in many big metropolises as part of the signaling works of the Istanbul Metro, has all the necessary safety approvals in accordance with international standards and has proven reliability, Siemens provides Istanbul Transportation with both moving block and fixed block train control operation in a safe way. way it provides. Designed with a 90 second sequence interval, the system is capable of meeting the increased number of passengers and additional lines. The Istanbul Metro signaling project is a first in Turkey in terms of replacing and modernizing the current system without affecting the existing daily operation. Trainguard MT, which is a preferred system in leading European cities such as Berlin and Paris, also enables the use of fully automated, driverless trains.

In addition to Istanbul, Siemens products are actively used in rail systems in different cities such as Bursa, Gaziantep, Kayseri and Konya.

Siemens enriches the integrated solutions it offers in the field of transportation with electrification applications. Smart Grids Rail Systems These services, which are among the services of the Electrification Group, are handled under two main headings: Catenary Systems and Transformer Centers. These solutions are offered in a wide range from high-speed train lines to tram systems.

Fast trains competing with planes

Siemens is preparing to introduce its high-speed trains, which are used in different geographies from Germany to Spain, from Russia to China, within the scope of the fair. Siemens, which produces trains that can reach the highest speed in operation in the world with a speed of over 400 kilometers per hour, continues its high-speed train production, which it started in 1981, with Velaro series trains today. Visitors to the fair will also have the opportunity to get to know the Velaro trains, which compete with planes in both speed and comfort. – TransportationOnline

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