The order of humanity in the Istanbul Metro.

"I think it is unfair not to give priority to the elevator when I have no way of climbing stairs."

Simto Alev (28) has not been able to walk since an accident at the second grade of primary school; you have to use the wheelchair. like almost all disabled people in Turkey some self-human "obstacles" are fighting l. Just like 17 March Saturday evening in Istanbul Metro X

Flame, which appears at the back of the photograph, waits for the un order un of the metro in front of the elevator reserved for ”primarily disabled, elderly and children“ in Taksim station. However, waiting in front of the elevator nor the door of the warning written on the back of the waiting is not aware of the real needy. The flame lift warns about the priority of using these people:

Alev A woman with a stroller (just a stroller) with the same priority as me, gave me a ride and warned the others, “says Alev. . But those who didn't have the same idea. Moreover, they insulted the woman who made the warning. Üst

All those waiting except for the flame (and the woman who has been declared "impudent" to assist her in the elevator). Flame, mobile phone while giving a friend a photo you see on the news by taking pictures.

It's not the first time that we've got this flame. Every time he uses the subway, he says the same incident happened: ta In the photo it looks a bit of a big warning sign but what benefits? I go to the door of the elevator, there is a busy crowd. Neither one is courtesy of opening a road, nor does he get bored. Ne

According to Alev, it is not only the metro entrances, it is possible to witness this kind of insensitivity everywhere. But it seems that even designing public transport and public spaces for people with disabilities does not mean that they can comfortably use these spaces:

Doğal It is natural that the shopping malls and the subway are crowded. But I do not have the opportunity to climb the stairs in any way, I see it as unfair not to give priority to the elevator. Benim

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