A logistics village is being built in Bozüyük, on the Istanbul Antalya and Bursa - Ankara line

Bozüyük, which will make Turkey one of the center's 19 Poyraz tripped Logistics Centers are to accelerate the project.
Due to Turkey's one of the world's commercial centers, the country's 19 states decided to make a strategic point Logistics Center. Among these centers, most of which are large and important cities, it is located in Bozüyük.
In logistics freight transportation, a logistics village is built in Bozüyük, which is located on the Istanbul Antalya and Bursa - Ankara line. AK Party Bilecik Deputy and Head of State Economic Enterprises Committee, for the project to be implemented as soon as possible. Fahrettin Poyraz stepped in.
Poyraz, in order to implement this project in the Ministry to make the necessary negotiations, such as Bozuyuk TSO to consult with the relevant authorities to intervene.
This project will be one of Turkey's 19 trade and logistics center when Bozüyük come to life.

Source: News 11

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