12 safety strap for fast train

Within the scope of high-speed railway infrastructure works, State Railways started to work on drawing a safety strip along a line of 12 km in Edirne.
As in Edirne in Turkey TCDD high speed train continues to work within the scope of work, the length of the line from the town center is secured by an iron cage.
Total 12 km wireframe works are carried out on both sides of the rails in the vicinity of the Train Station, Abdurrahman Neighborhood and Bostanpazarı districts.
The safety lane work on the high-speed train's transit route is also carefully controlled.
Officials who have received their views on the issue, noted that in the context of high-speed train works, the double-sided 12-kilometer lane has been withdrawn to ensure the safety of the public.

Source : I www.hudutgazetesi.co

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