Turkey should speed trains for rapid growth

Ümit Boyner, Chairman of the Board of TÜSİAD, stated that the annual growth rate of 8 percent is not achievable. Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD) Chairman Umit Boyner, "Foreign Trade Logistics in Turkey: Cost and Competition Elements" title by the opening of the seminar in order to announce the report in his speech, referring to the target by 2023, "Turkey's economy the world's largest 10 He said that “making it one of the economy” constituted the “most inclusive” goal of this vision.

When the export target of $ 2023 billion in 500, taking into account that Turkey should manufacture, need investment, both will pave the trade expressed the need to enter the fast conversion Boyne, he said:

"Feeding the structural reforms of Turkey's production model, should become more competitive and efficiency-based, we highlight a few times before that. In addition, it is of great importance to simplify trade and to develop customs legislation and infrastructure of customs. It is obvious that world competition will be more difficult than the pre-crisis period, especially after the global crisis. Therefore, in this process, the importance of simplifying trade and having a logistics infrastructure that can respond to the increase in export volume becomes more apparent. ”



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