Historical Opening at Haydarpaşa Train Station

Haydarpasa Train Station
Haydarpasa Train Station

📩 23/11/2021 00:34

We are more ambitious for the Olympics than ever before. Our great advantage in transportation, Marmaray and Metrobus project is that we will build 36 new facilities in Istanbul. We will also use TT Arena, Saracoğlu, BJK İnönü stats

We will open the opening in Haydarpaşa with 100 thousand removable staples. European Continent will be watched from Asia
Youth and Sports Minister Suat Kilic, Turkey's eagerly waiting gave final status report for 2020 Olympic Games. Speaking at the Istanbul Olympic House, Kılıç drew attention to the works made while making important statements. Here are the details:

Beyond all periods in Istanbul's history and at its peak, it aspires to the Olympics with stronger will than ever before. It is the first and only country to be committed by the Prime Minister himself.

We are a candidate for 2020 with a very good organization. A real candidacy file has been prepared. So to speak, the lessons we learned from the previous candidacy really contributed a lot. Past applications have given us the right; 1 application and you did not submit, 2 applications you did not give, 3 applications you did not give, but this city deserves these Olympics!..

We have a 12 billion Marmaray project. The Metrobus project attracted a lot of attention. Even if nothing new is done for 2020, everything is enough for the Olympics. Both projects were really appreciated by the Olympic committee.

According to public opinion polls, 87 percent of the people of Istanbul think that the Olympics are indispensable for the city. According to the average of the public opinion in 16 provinces across Turkey, approximately 85 percent of the Turkish people agree that Turkey will host the Olympics and that the host city should also be Istanbul.

Istanbul is a candidate to take the Olympic torch, which is one of the most important assets and values ​​of humanity on the way to universal peace, to carry, to burn, to keep alive and to challenge dark and bad scenarios such as the clash of civilizations with the light of the Olympic torch in this great organization with the spirit of Olympism.

Now the arrow is out of the bow. The next most important actor in the process of our Olympic candidacy application is the Turkish media with its visual and written media, the editors of the pages, sports directors, program producers, columnists, television broadcasters and presenters.

There will be a temporary stadium at Haydarpaşa Train Station. Incoming guests will watch that silhouette on the opposite continent. The demountable stadium with a capacity of 100 thousand people, which we will open in Haydarpaşa, will be dismantled later and assembled in different cities of Turkey. Not a single bolt will go to waste.

Istanbul is a candidate for the Olympics with 11 new facilities, 25 of which are existing and 36 are newly built. Additional permanent investments will be made in 11 of the 5 existing facilities, 10 new facilities will be built for competitions, and 10 new facilities will be built as training-oriented areas to support the competitions. Olympic clusters will be provided in 5 separate units.

What matters is justice

TFF is an autonomous structure. Away from the influence of politics. UEFA and FIFA are looking for this the most. In this process, nobody should stand aside and wait for Demirören to be successful. They will make important decisions, but everyone needs to cooperate.

What happens if that doesn't happen! In the period of Intellectuals, problems could not be solved. Now these problems are expected to be resolved. Let's see if they're going to solve it. Let's give it a hand to say it's more accurate.

DEMİRÖREN participated in the race as the only candidate. Each club has a representative in the new management of TFF. The club association supported. It can be thought that the decisions taken by the new management are the decisions taken by the Turkish football family.

F.BAHÇELİ doesn't matter whether or not to be. It doesn't matter whether you're opposing or opposing. The justice that is important in this process. My expectation is the realization of justice. I don't know that. They are judges and prosecutors who will know him. All that everyone has to surrender is justice.

There is an information bridge between TFF and UEFA. Their silence is not the result of the break but the result of the informations. In the new period, I hope that these meetings will be further tightened and transparent. Also, these problems are not problems to solve alone.

Rugby match will be played in İnönü

One of the most important details of the meeting was the new İnönü Stadium project. Minister Suat Kılıç, 'Fiyapı İnönü Stadium will participate in the Olympics in its new form regarding this issue. 5 cities were proposed as candidate cities to support Istanbul in relation to football competitions. These can be Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. '

KILIÇ also plans to play rugby matches at the renewed Fiyapı İnönü Stadium at the 2020 Olympics. The transportation problem will be completely eliminated, 'he said.

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