Hit The Train Into The Circle Around The Airport.

Zonguldak The train hit a cow wandering around the airport. Under the influence of the impact, the cow was blown off the dirt road.

According to information obtained, a cow circulating around the Zonguldak Airport of Saltukova Town of Çaycuma district was hit by a passenger train 21608, which runs on the Karabük-Zonguldak line on the railway passing by the airport. 14.40'da hours in the accident occurred, the impact of the cow blown away, was perish. While the owner of the cow could not be found, he left the scene after waiting for a while. Saltukova Mayor Adil Düzlü, who wanted the animals to be left unattended, called on the railway authorities to take the necessary measures. Mayor Düzlü said, “Animals should not be left unattended by their owners, but despite the will of the owner, animals are fleeing in front of houses and gardens. It is important that the State Railways take the security measures of the lines within the settlement area. By railways, the area can be covered by wire or fence. Otherwise, more distressing accidents may occur in the future. ”

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