The roads of the Aegean are open.

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is preparing to completely renew the transportation infrastructure of the region with land, air and sea projects to be realized in the Aegean provinces. The tender will be launched in April for the Afyon-Uşak part of the Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project, which will introduce the Aegean by high-speed train. Highway and divided road works, the construction of which continues in İzmir, Aydın, Manisa, Denizli, Muğla and Uşak, will be completed by 2016 at the latest. The locations of the logistics centers planned to be established in İzmir for years have also been determined. The ministry started work for 3 logistics centers, Biçerova in the north, Kemalpaşa in the east and Pancar in the south. The tender for Çıldır Airport, which will be put into service in Aydın, will be held on April 9. The taxiway of Milas-Bodrum Airport, which has been experiencing difficulties due to the intensity in the tourist season, will be turned into a runway with an investment of 30 million liras. The application project of the 161-kilometer railway, which will enable the transportation of export goods in Denizli and Aydın to Güllük Port by rail, has also been completed.

Binali Yıldırım talked about the activities of his party's ministry to the deputies of the Aegean provinces. The meeting, attended by the deputies of the provinces of the Aegean Region and the senior ministry bureaucrats, took about 4 hours. All requests of the deputies who conveyed their transportation problems and new investment demands to Yıldırım and their bureaucrats were noted by the relevant general managers. Explaining the works carried out in 2003-2011 to the deputies accompanied by slideshows prepared separately for each province, Minister Yıldırım stressed that they are determined to survive the transportation to the region. The good news he gave at the meeting, which Yıldırım had decorated with jokes, was welcomed by Egeli deputies.

Izmir deputies Ilknur Denizli, Nesrin Ulema, Ilhan Isbilen, Mehmet Tekelioglu, Rifat Sait, Aydin Sengul, Hamza Dag, Manisa deputies Hussein Tanriverdi, Selcuk Ozdag, Recai Berber, Ugur Aydemir, Muzaffer Yurttas, Denizli deputies Mehmet Yuksel, Nihat Zeybekci, Nurcan Dalbudak , Bilal Uçar, Muğla MPs Ali Boğa, Yüksel Özden, Aydın deputies Gültekin Kılınç, Mhemet Erdem, Semiha Öyüş.

The total investment amount of transportation projects carried out in 2003-2011 period in the city 2 billion 971 million 564 thousand 367 pounds.
Izmir-Istanbul highway: Turkey's largest highway project, 421 km of Izmir-Istanbul highway project site establishment works for all construction work in the sector continues. 561 people still work in highway construction.
Konak Tunnel Project: The foundation of the Konak Tunnel, which will reduce the traffic load in Kordon, Alsancak, Konak and Çankaya, was laid on September 23, 2011. The tunnel, on which earthworks continue, will be completed at 2012 percent in 60.
North Highway: The İzmir-Çandarlı section of the road, which will be an important link of the İzmir-Çanakkale-Edirne-European highway, and the İzmir-İstanbul Highway connection will be 85 km. The project will provide fast and comfortable transportation from Çiğli, Menemen, Foça and Aliağa to Çandarlı Port. The preliminary project tender, including EIA studies, has been completed.
İzmir-Antalya Motorway: The distance between the two cities will be 480 hours and 4 minutes. The project between İzmir and Aydın has been completed. Project work between Aydın and Denizli has been completed. The 15 km long Aydın Ring Road construction tender was held.
Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project: Bidding offers were received on 28 December 2011 for the Polatlı-Afyon segment. A project revision between Afyon-Uşak (Eşme) is underway. The tender will be launched in April 9. Project tender works between Eşme and İzmir continue.
Kemalpaşa OSB-Turgutlu Railway Line: The on-off tunnel construction of the line, which will serve 320 companies, continues. The factory order of the track from the bodywork materials was given. The 27 km line will be opened with operation in September 2012.
Kemalpaşa-Torbalı and Alsancak Port Connection: The project work started in June 2011 and is expected to be completed in August 2012.
Menemen- Aliağa Double Line Railway and Nemrut Bay Connection: The main line route of the Nemrut Bay railway connection is 9 km. long infrastructure has been laid to become operational by laying rail. The tender for the construction of the infrastructure and superstructure of the 12 km long railway line that will connect the piers and factories will be held in 2012.
Ödemiş-Kiraz New Railway: Project work of the new 31 km railway is ongoing.
Biçerova-Bergama New Railway: The 52 km project is planned as a continuation of EGERAY, with double line electric signal and metro standard. Studies continue.
Logistics Villages: The operations of the logistics centers to be established in Biçerova in the north, Kemalpaşa in the east and Pancar in the south have started.
Kemalpaşa Logistics Village construction: Infrastructure tender offers of the village with a total closed area of ​​173 thousand 851 square meters were received. Infrastructure works will be completed in 2013. The superstructure will be tendered with the BOT model at the end of 2012.
İzmir Port Modernization Project: Contract was signed for survey project and EIA report. Contracts were signed for the purchase of 4 Transtainers. A tender will be held in April 5 for the purchase of 2012 MHCs. A new silo dock reclamation contract has been signed. 5 Gantry Crainler Revisions started.
Çandarlı Port: Infrastructure construction will be completed in 2013. Superstructure will be tendered with BOT model.
Yacht harbors: Karşıyaka, BayraklıTenders including EIA and feasibility studies of the İnciraltı and Şakran marinas and Çeşmealtı Yacht Shelter have been completed. Yenifoça, Karaburun, Şifne and Seferihisar Yacht Harbors will be tendered in 2012 with the BOT model.
Ephesus Antique Port: Izmir Culture Directorate started work. 150 people will be employed in the project.
İzmir-Çeşme Deniz Motorway: Surveying studies started
Continuing divided roads and highways: İzmir- Aydın Highway -İzmir Ring Road 2013, Çeşme-Alaçatı Road 2013, Aliağa-Ayvalık Split Road 2013, (İzmir-Çeşme) Junction Seferihisar-Selçuk Kuşadası Split Road 2014 ' will be completed in.

The total investment amount of transportation projects carried out in 2003-2011 period is 670 million 591 thousand 361 pounds.
Sabuncubeli Tunnel: September 2011 began to work. When the project is completed, the travel time between Mais and Izmir will be reduced to 15 minutes.
Continuous divided roads and highways: Salihli-Kula-Selendi Split Road in 2013 Bornova-Turgutlu-Salihli Split Road in 2012, Manisa-Akhisar Split Road in 2013, Manisa Ring Road in 2013, Menemen-Manisa Split Road 2012 Salihli- G.Marmara-Akhisar divided road will be completed in 2014, Bergama- Soma- Akhisar divided road in 2013, Salihli- Alaşehir -Buldan divided road in 2013, Manisa-İzmir-Turgutlu separation will be completed in 2013. . 38 km road renewal will be made between Salihli and Alaşehir
Menemen-Manisa Railway: Within the scope of the project, 35 high-speed trains and 2 conventional train lines will be built in 2 kilometers. Bandırma- Balıkesir-Manisa-Menemen electrification and signalization project contract was signed on 14 February.

2003-2011 period total investment amount 674 million 921 thousand 13 pounds.
Yacht harbors: Place delivery operations for Dalaman Marina with capacity of 650 yacht continues. The 200 yacht will enter service in the ruins of the ruins of the 2013. The development plan of the Datça Yacht Harbor with the capacity of 250 yacht has been approved.
Airport: Milas-Bodrum Airport The taxiway will be converted into a runway with an investment of 30 million pounds.
Continuing divided roads and highways: Aydın-Muğla-Ortaca divided road in 2016, Milas-Bodrum-Turgutreis divided road in 2013, Milas-Yatağan split road in 2013, Muğla-Kale split road in 2014, Söke-Milas (Didim Aydırı-Milas) road will be completed in 2013, Kalkan-Fethiye 2nd Bl-Hd road in 2013, Dalaman Junction -Dalaman Airport road in 2012, Korkuteli-Çavdır Ayr.-Fethiye Road in 2013.

2003 million 2011 million 584 million 911 transportation investment amount made to the city during 189-XNUMX period.
Güllük Port Railway Connection Project: The implementation project of 161-kilometer Aydın-Çine-Yatağan-Güllük Railway Connection, which will enable the transportation of feldspar and marble in the Çine and Yatağan regions and the export goods in Denizli-Aydın provinces by rail to the Railway.
Airport: Aydın (Çıldır) Airport tender will be held on April 9, 2012.
Logistics Center: In order to carry the products produced in Aydın Industry and Trade Center (ASTIM) by rail, work has started to establish loading and unloading facilities across the center.
Ongoing highway and divided road works:
Aydın- Denizli-Muğla Connection Road in 2013, Aydın- Nazilli- Horsunlu Road in 2013, Horsunlu-Denizli Split Road in 2012, Aydın-Muğla-Ortaca 13Bl.Hd Road in 2016, Selçuk-Kuşadası-Söke Split Road In 2013, Söke-Milas (Didim Junction-Milas) split road in 2012,
Söke-Didim Junction will be completed in 2013, Söke-Milas Junction-Akköy-Didim divided road will be completed in 2013. (Söke-Milas) Junction Didim and Didim-Akbük Road tenders were held.

The total cost of transport investments in the city during the 2002-2011 period is 539 million 580 thousand 132 pounds.
Kaklik Logistics Center: First phase construction works were completed and the center was commissioned. The construction of the second phase continues. Turkey Central completed when 500 thousand tons carrying capacity of the logistics sector will be provided. 119 thousand square meters of logistics will be provided to our country.
Airport: The construction of the garage building, which was started to maintain the square vehicles serving at Çardak Airport in a modern environment, will be completed in 2013.
Railway: Within the scope of Dazkırı-Denizli (Goncalı) road renewal construction good project, 2011 km road was renewed in 25. The remaining 45 km section was included in the 2012 road renewal investment program.
Continued divided roads and highways: Denizli-Çardak-13. Work on the Regional Border road will be finished in 2013. Denizli-Acıpayam-13. The superstructure works have been completed at the Tavas junction-Serinhisar junction of the Regional Boundary road. All work will be completed in 2014. Expropriation work is completed at Çivril Ring Road, work will start after demolition. (Denizli-Acıpayam) Ay.Kale divided road will be completed in 2013, Salihli-Alaşehir-Buldan divided road in 2013, Denizli-Çardak Ayrı-Sivaslı-Uşak divided road in 2014, Denizli-Çardak-Pamukkale road will be completed in 2013.

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