Dubai Metro Will Cross Land After 2017

It was reported that the Dubai Metro, known as the longest driverless subway in the world, will have covered its cost in 2017 and the city bus system in 2016. In addition, it was stated that there was a very serious increase in the number of passengers using the public transportation system and this transportation system resulted in savings of 411 million dollars.

President of the Road and Transportation Authority Mattar El Tayir, the metro within five years to save the cost of land and expected to pass the number of passengers, stations and other advertisements with the name of the station and the rental of retail shops, it is possible, he said.

Speaking at a railway conference held in London, the official stated that some contracts in the metro system were revised and great savings were made as a result of the best use of spare parts.

Similarly, he emphasized that some of the routes of city buses have been altered and that some of them have been combined, thus reducing oil costs.

El Tayir said that the biggest problem before them as an authority when they started to work was the traffic congestion in the city and that they took the necessary steps to solve it. According to a study, traffic jams in Dubai before the global crisis cost $ 1 billion 350 million over time lost.

The number of people using public transport in Dubai, the commercial center of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), increased from 2005 million in 91 to 2011 million in 190. Thus, the share of public transport in general travel increased from 2006 percent in 6 to 2011 percent in 10.

In the UAE and the other Gulf states where the gasoline is about 50 cents, the people generally use special tools for transportation.

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