Do you want your blues pink or have you mixed?

Metrobüs is the most innovative project of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality that has touched the lives of citizens. Yes, BRT is definitely not the biggest project implemented by IMM. But the most strategic.

Metrobus was a project that even surpassed the plans of people doing this work. 450 thousand passengers per day is expected to move this figure is now 700 has exceeded one thousand. Kismet and the Avcılar-Beylikdüzü line is also said that this number will go to the 1 million.

However, the inhabitants of the media plazas do not understand the meaning of metrobus.

They can be seen on the side of the road when the driver is stuck in the vehicle used by his private driver and probably looks up at the side of the road. Lardır While we are living this traffic, what is the prerogative of the buzzing buses? Iz they murmured and then pressed the fort.

Güneri Cıvaoğlu had a period like emperor when he went to Güneş, the newspaper of ”kayinbirader“ with the big amounts of money from Tercüman's position as Editor-in-Chief.

He was throwing money away from other things and making unprecedented promotions. Everything that comes to mind is given as a promotional material, what else can be given to the editorial desk around the minds of those who share their minds. At that time, one person from the technical service intervenes.

Or Let's give Blue Card voucher, “he says. Someone, "Is this promoted as a promotion?" Güneri Cıvaoğlu comes out, for the first time in his life is asking what this expression means to the next ones.

Those who know are starting to tell. They say that the Blue Card is a monthly coupon, and that it is possible to get a lot of municipal buses by paying a certain price.

There is a bourgeois life and the names of today's inhabitants. There are also people who go out of their way to work every day with public transport. These are divided into two. The first group expresses the difficulty it has faced. There are some who say that ile I drank blood and drank cranberry syrup üp with the dream of t media bourgeoisie en which some of them established.

Recently, we had a breakfast with Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in an organization that was made by Economy Journalists Association (EGD). 7 reported that they had invested approximately 20 billion TL in the annual presidency.

The Avcılar-Beylikdüzü line had some problems in the metrobus work, and this step will reach the 50 kilometer, and this route can be taken in 83 minutes.

Mayor Topbaş who could not keep his promise twice could not keep the promised, but he refrained from giving a clear answer to the date of completion. I In fact, the paving was completed outside. We expect the weather to warm up for this business, Bu he said.

When the questions of the members of the press focused on this point, he put up some friends who seemed to spit blood and drink cranberry syrup. They said that this meeting was translated into the people's day and said ild Let's come to some economic issues Bu.

A journalist friend raised the issue of eme Pink Metrobus eme, which was the request of the Felicity Party. Mayor Topbaş asked how he was looking at the idea of ​​creating buses for women only in the morning and evening when passenger traffic is intense.

Topbaş gave an answer to try to eliminate the possibility of an eye economic crisis Top. That was a correct answer. Reporters, who are already homoekonomicus, could not be in a banel attitude enough to see the work from this side.

Indeed, nobody saw the meeting by the pink BRT. Even, all sohbetNot even a decent sentence about transportation, which constitutes one third of the population, was not covered by the media. It did not take place well. Those who spit blood and drank cranberry sherbet, or the media bourgeoisie, would distort it.

I'm saying this should ask the users of the "pink metrobus". Yigit, a public company that has gained the trust of the community and this issue of women using the BRT you ask.

How many percent of women in the morning fishing in the evening to confirm the pink metrobus, how many opposes.

Say what?

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