In the tender for the purchase of the train set to be used in the renewal of Ankara subways, China's CSR Electric Locomotive Co. gave the company

The lowest bid was announced in the tender for the purchase of the train set to be used in the renewal of the Ankara subways.

In the tender for the purchase of the total 324 train set, the lowest bid is 391 million 230 with a thousand dollars CSR Electric Locomotive Co. Ltd. He gave.

The first requirement for the train sets to be used in Ankara subway lines is the domestic contribution share of 51. The Ministry of Transport kept the domestic contribution rate at 90 in the first 30 train set for the completion of the constructions in the given period. But the remaining 234 is the percentage ratio of 51 native on the set.

contribution of domestic manufacturing companies wishing to do so to realize their subway cars in Turkey. The aim is to help the development of railway technology and the employment process by contributing to the national economy.

The construction of the 3 separate metro line, which is transferred to the private sector by the Ministry of Transport in Ankara, continues from where it remained halfway.

About Ankara Subway

The Ankara metro, 3, is under construction and the total 5 is a rail transportation network that provides public transportation services in the large city of Ankara with different metro lines. This rail transportation network consists of two parts: The system which is opened in 1996 with the name of Ankaray is: Light rail system iki; The Ankara Metro, which is still in operation in 1997, is a heavy rail system. Currently there are two 1 stations with the 22 transfer station (Red Crescent) on both systems. Ankaray system is 8,527 km and Ankara Metro system is 14,661 km long and the total rail transportation system is 23,188 km long.

Source: Ekonomy. net

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