Produced in Bursa local tram Silkworm, in Turkey's agenda.

Altepe, who added that the local tram produced in Bursa will make significant contributions to the economy, vay A vehicle with better quality and pros has been produced. We make quality at an affordable price. Kal

Recep Altepe, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, emphasized the importance of producing local brands for the rise of the Turkish economy and said, Bursa Bursa is a brand that produces brands. We want the vehicles produced here to be sold to the world. The bursa has such a power ”. Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality in the historic building in the last month after the parliamentary meeting held in the last month, informing the council members about the activities Altepe, said the Metropolitan Municipality's work continues quickly. Alt We put forth the powers of the bursa ”Mayor Altepe, emphasizing the importance of producing local brands for the Turkish economy to stand up, Bursa Bursa is a brand that produces brands,” he said. Mayor Altepe stated that the Metropolitan Municipality cares about the production of local trams and said, “We are the guides. Our goal is to make planes in Bursa. The bursa has such power. the first domestic tram produced in such a short time 2,5 year, both Turkey and will contribute to Bursa. We were paying a wagon 8 trillion, countries will have to pay us the money now wanting to get cars, as well as more than half of the money will remain in Turkey. We reveal the powers of the bursa. A vehicle with better quality and pros than Europe was produced. We make advanced quality at a more affordable price. Domestic production of trams, all was the subject of Turkey, "he said. President Altepe intense interest in the silkworm, silkworm production models first indigenous tram weekend in Istanbul at the fair of domestic and foreign authorities stating that attracted a lot of interest, "the first fully indigenous car manufacturing output in Bursa in Turkey. This subject will be taught in universities, and 51 domestic production requirement was introduced in the tenders. 51 percent rate of domestic vehicles will no longer be taken by Turkey. This also Turkey and the countries that will sell vehicles to Turkey means to collaborate, "he said. Emphasizing that bursa is an industrial city, Mayor Altepe said, “For the first time, a local brand is being produced in Bursa. We, as the Metropolitan Municipality, pioneer in this matter. Our goal is to sell vehicles produced in Bursa to the world. The most suitable company in Bursa Durmazlardi. This is the sheet metal cutting factory. The brand is not important here, but the important thing is that we show that we can produce this brand. Today, with this production made in Bursa, Turkey entering the European rail system in 6 production. country, 7 also in the world. was firm. If Bursa produces these vehicles, Germany, France, Italy, Spain will not be able to compete with us, they will have to partner with us. ” “Crisis turned to opportunity Başkan Mayor Altepe noted that after the flood in Cilimboz Creek, the problems were transformed into opportunities,“ Alacahırka, the 42 parcel was demolished and others will be completed. The houses on the east and west sides of the creek were destroyed. We turned the crisis into an opportunity in this region, and by making the necessary arrangements, that region will have a vision in the summer. ”

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