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Yenişehir Airport and Bursa's nostalgic tram are each other's twin brothers n

When Yenişehir could not give what was expected of him, Bursa began to look for ways to return to Yunuseli. Although Nostalgic created a similar silence in Yenişehir as in Yenişehir, the project owners did not go into any other quests to compensate for this with the concern that they would lead to their own denial. On the contrary, they focused on reinforcing the agenda with the project of knitting Bursa with a network of female railways.

The rulers hold on to their works. Yenişehir Port was an anchor to fix its 'political boats' in terms of the powers of the period. Costs from the farm owner and refreshments from the lar

There are inherent democracies; The clerics do not take into account the lump sum account when they attempt to arbitrate their positions in order to reassure the owner of the farm. Municipalities, governments in the hands of the dark team with their hands will fall into the dead. People pay the costs, they come out in love.
Yenişehir to be infertile and nostalgic to the environmental traders of the economic drying, the gerdek ehline ne gam.

Can the power of Bursa with a producer / customer couple who puts the Bursa interior into the railroad car factory with the potential customer identity to be established / established in Bursa, can be recalled from the first eye pain on Cumhuriyet Avenue on the cries of tradesmen?

You need to sit in the curve and speak right. The salt marketers and the street shopkeepers see nostalgic as Timurlenk's fili. The power of Bursa should now sit and calculate the lump sum. Could the loss of votes that the elephant will bring about in his / her own environment be closed by the increase in the votes of elephant lovers in other parts of the city?

The issue is not only a lightweight worldly matter that can be overcome by mechanized logic accounting. Is there a guarantee that the elephant will not have amines similar to the complaints and complaints in the inner worlds of the YASZEDES?

Let's not be eaten. Thanks to the AKP's central and local powers, Bursa has met and acquainted with the historical values ​​of the old ones.

In Bursa, which looks like a city with a new face, dozens of 5 star foreign luxury hotel chains end up as a mushroom. A single spa is the product of the service to sell to the guests of authentic Bursa.

Nostalgic around the architectural style of the inn's architectural style to be created in the 'urban transformation of the traditional dressed domestic dressing dealers returned to the four entertainmet services, why it was sold al

Casinos, a main branch of tourism is not!

AKP, Tayyip Erdoğan and Recep Altepe are not aware of their lives AKP. I'm afraid 'nostalgic' carries coffins to the future Kork

Source: City Media


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