Construction starts on new ropeway in Bursa

The construction of the Ropeway Project, which has not been able to nail in a long time due to legal obstacles, starts again in the coming days. When the project is completed, it will be the longest cable car line in the world.

The construction of the Teleferic Project, which was laid in December of last year but could not take a path due to the objections to the plans and the legal process accompanying it, starts again in the coming days. The authorities of the Şentürkler company, which was going to build with the Metropolitan authorities the previous day, came together and agreed on the project. Based on the Build-Operate-Transfer model, Şentürkler Engineering and Construction Company undertook the project with the 30 year leasing method. After completing the loan studies, the company signed an agreement with the Italian company Leitner, which will produce the project.


Leitner company, which has carried out important projects on ropeway systems in various countries of the world, promised to complete the 12 month of mechanical production to Şentürkler. The contractor firm 13-14, which will start work immediately after the removal of the snow, aims to complete the transportation and start carrying passengers. The project, which will bring together Uludağ with the Hotels Region, will be the longest cable car line in the world with a total of 8,84 kilometers. 8 gondola-type cabins with 175'er capacity will be eliminated. The existing system will carry the 2 100 passenger with the new system with 800 thousand 18 per day, while the 200 will reach 24 per hour, while the XNUMX will reach XNUMX every day.


Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they want to make Uludağ not only in winter months but also in the 12 months and added that they will take an important step on this issue with the new ropeway project. Altepe, the existing project capacity of the cable car will be increased to 10 floor, while the new gondola type cabins can work in all weather conditions and will not be affected by the lodostan said.



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