Bornova subway end date 15 Mart.


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has reached the stage of completing the first of the subway lines, which has experienced great difficulties due to the problems it has experienced, and the 2.7-kilometer Ege University Hospital-Evka 3 line. While making the finishing touches on the line, as a result of negotiations with the company, the date of entry into service was determined as 15 March. It was stated that the 2.7 kilometer long line, which started trials without passengers last month, will start to operate passenger trips from 15 March.
The countdown has begun on the Ege University Hospital-Evka 3 line, which was started to be built by Metropolitan with its own resources. It will be the 15th of March, even when the passenger-free trial runs last month. Bozoğlu, whose contract was terminated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on the grounds that it acted contrary to the contract, is finishing touches on the 2.7 kilometer line, which was left unfinished by the construction. The announcement that President Aziz Kocaoğlu announced that it will be put into service in March, was announced on March 15. Metropolitan officials gave the contractor firm the address of 15 March to complete the last deficiencies. The contractor company was asked to complete all of its work until March 15. The contractor firm started working on the finishing touches in order to make the 2.7 km line, which was completed together with the officials of Metro A.Ş, work in harmony with the 2000 km Üçyol-Bornova line, which came into service in 11.5. The works carried out for the electrification, signaling and telecommunication lines of the new line to work in harmony with the existing line of 11.5 kilometers have also reached the final stage. The construction period granted by the Metropolitan Municipality to the contractor Borege-Sigma Joint Consortium has also come to an end.

In accordance with the agreement reached between the Metropolitan Municipality and the Contractor company, it was stated that the temporary acceptance of the 15 km line will be made on 2.7 March, and that there will be no obstacle to start the passenger voyages on the route in question. The officials of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality stated that the contractor company was given time to complete its deficiencies until March 15, and that the 2.7 km line will be handed over on the specified date. Municipal officials said that the voyages will start from 15 to 30 March. It was learned that a ceremony with a broad participation will be held and the line will be put into service in the second half of March for the line, the construction of which began in 2007.

Ege University Hospital, Campus and Evka 2.7 stations will be located on the line with a total length of 3 kilometers. With the commissioning of the line constructed with the three closure method, the length of the rail system in the city will reach 80 kilometers along with the 94.2 km İZBAN Line. A person who gets on the metro from Evka 3 will be able to reach Üçyol in 20 minutes at the latest.

3.4 kilometers reduced to 2.7
The legal period of the works of the 3.4 km long Ege University Bornova Central Metro Line, which started in August 2007, ended on January 12, 2009. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality gave the contractor an additional time until 11 July 2009 to complete the unfinished works. However, upon the completion of the construction despite the expiry of this period, the Metropolitan Municipality unilaterally terminated the contract with the contractor company, then went out to tender again. In the new tender, the project was renovated because the buildings on the route where the metro line passes were rotten. Approximately 3.4 meters of the 700-kilometer line, Evka3 Bornova Central section, has been removed from the project. Borege-Sigma Joint Consortium awarded the procurement construction tender for the completion of the unfinished works of Ege University Hospital – Evka 3 Metro Line with 43 million 823 thousand 879 TL. kazanwas. Then the unfinished work started again. The Metropolitan Municipality even started test flights without passengers in November last year. On the one hand, while these works were continuing, arrangement works were carried out at the base of the metro line. Bus stops and landscaping were also completed within the scope of the work.

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