Bomb panic that stops metrobus flights

📩 22/12/2018 16:58

At the metrobus stop in Topkapı, a suspicious bag was noticed between the streets of the pedestrian walkway, at 09.30. While informing the police, the passengers at the stop and overpass were removed, the metrobus services are in the direction of Avcılar Bayrampaşa Maltepe and Zincirlikuyu direction. Cevizlistopped at the bonding stations.

The vehicles on the D-100 highway were not allowed to pass through the Topkapi metrobus station.

Unused garbage bags came out of the sack bag, which was detonated by the bomb disposal expert.

Following the destruction studies that lasted approximately 30 minutes, the metrobus flights and D-100 highway traffic returned to normal.

Meanwhile, due to the incident, citizens and citizens of BRT passengers watched the bomb disposal works and took images with their mobile phones.


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