Mayor Topbaş Brings Clearness to the topic of Pink Metrobus

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş told about the transfer of half of the budget to the Pink Metrobus in the meeting.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, met with journalists of economy during the breakfast organized by Economy Journalists Association in Sütlüce Presentation Center. Topbaş who made a short presentation about Istanbul also answered the questions of the press İstanbul
Topbas speech in the world of new trends in the city and urbanity, urban economic mobility, contribution to the economy of Istanbul, employment, metrobus, transportation investments and problems, the arrangement of minibuses and taxis, IETT auctions, the new bus purchases, the establishment of Istanbul REIT, IETT land, Topbaş gave information about metro and tram lines, status of contracted personnel and waste collection and similar things.
Topbas started the meeting on the occasion of International Women's Day, celebrating the Women's Day of all women. In the tent they established next to MiniaTurk, 8 in Istanbul said that they have made a model, visuals and information about their work.
Topbas said that the city and urbanity is the new trend in the world is now talking about the cities as the economic power and urban production came to the fore du Emphasizing the importance of transparent management and participation in management, Topbas said that the economic mobility in the cities was made account. Topbas said the congress was questioned about how much the events such as the conference contributed to the city.
Topbaş stated that they are in a number of activities in order to improve their competitiveness and they stated that they invested in 46 billion in IMM and that 22 billion was allocated for transportation. XBox 7 $ 10 billion in the year transfer to Topbas transfer, this year, they said they had allocated 19,2 billion.
1 years of investments made by Istanbul, all the public institutions by the amount of investments in the 26 that corresponds to the Topbas unit as a unit of total investments within the 26 was made by the IMM, he said.


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