8 March in Antalya will be free of charge to World Labor Women's Day Special Nostalgia Tram and Minicity women

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 8 March World Worker Women's Day celebrates with a week-long activities. Nostalgia on Women's Day will be free for women at Tramway and Minicity.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs, organized 8 Mart World Working Women's Day activities, 7 March in the City Council and the cooperation with the City Council in cooperation with the Municipality of Muratpaşa Monument will be opened in Palmiye Park. On the same day, the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality (AKM) will open a photo exhibition titled 'Women' by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Volunteer Photography Society,

Yenimahalle Cultural Center Ismail Baha Surelsan Conservatory '8 March International Women's Day Special' concert will be held.


On the International Women's Day, 8 will be held in front of the metropolitan municipality. After the wreath laying ceremony at the Republic Square, the Glass Pyramid 'Women from Past to Present' fashion show will be held. After the show, the famous name of Anatolian Rock Music will be performed by the Mongols. The Women Theater Meet Group will perform the same day at the AKM Perge Hall.


. Successful Women's Stories gün will be held at the AKM Perge Hall on Friday, March 9. 10 Clinical Psychologist at AKM Perge Hall on Saturday March Başak Demiriz 'What Does the Good Mothers Fathers Do?' On the same evening, he will perform the İsmail Baha Sürelsan Conservatory Turkish Folk Music concert at the AKM Aspendos Hall on the same evening. 11 will perform the evi Anadolu Women's Theater Oyun play by the Media Players of Yenimahalle Culture Center.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 8 March International Women's Day because of the nostalgia trams for women made free. Women who boarded the nostalgia tram between the Slaughterhouse and the Museum will make a free trip on 8 March. Minicity Culture Park will open its doors for women on March at 8.

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