HALİÇ has undergone the construction of the Metro Bridge under UNESCO

A major scandal with UNESCO included underneath the subway bridge in the Golden Horn. The journalists I took part in, the non-governmental organizations that followed the bridge construction and the public as a whole were misguided.

The project, which is about the subway bridge that needs to be built on the Golden Horn to connect the Levent-Taksim metro to Şişli and the Golden Horn, caused a crisis between the UNESCO and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. UNESCO Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a bridge project with 65 meter height and horns on the grounds that it has disrupted the silhouette of Suleymaniye Mosque.

Following this objection of UNESCO, the architect Hakan Kıran, who prepared the bridge project, made some changes in his project. Accordingly, the height of the feet reduced to 65 meters with 45 meters was reduced. The color of the bridge was changed and the first project was transformed into golden yellow. It was unclear whether the horns that referred to the ord golden horn köprü would be located on the bridge.

At this point, there are reports that the construction of the bridge in which UNESCO is convinced that the changes could continue in this way. Hakan Kıran, the architect of the project, said: haftada I have convinced UNESCO in a week Pro.

After a while in an interview published in Radikal newspaper (UNESCO's new Golden Horn, Ayça Örer. 06.10.2011) on behalf of UNESCO. Dr. Enzo Siviero's evaluation of the ongoing metro bridge was included. Professor Siviero supported Kıran's bridge project in this interview.

However, architectural circles following the UNESCO process related to the metro bridge, Prof.Dr. When I was informed that Siviero gave a project service to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality last week, a short study on the Internet gave me an understanding of how UNESCO's subway bridge statements were dimmed in the media. Hakan Kıran's statement that ası I have convinced UNESCO in a week Hak did not reflect the truth. After ranking his criticism of the UNESCO bridge project, he said, iyle 2012 to the World Heritage Committee at 36. 1 for review requires February 2012 to submit an updated report on the status of the asset and the implementation of the above N.

Gokhan Tan from Habervesaire, Prof. Junaid Sorosh-Wali from the World Heritage Center in Paris and the European and North American Department, made a statement on behalf of UNESCO through a press consultancy.

Source : I haber.ihlassondakika.co



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