They say that TÜVASAŞ's current business area is small.

In recent days, the move of TÜVASAŞ to Ferizli in the public is frequently brought to the agenda. As a reason, they say that TÜVASAŞ 'existing business area is small. Who says they have established EUROTEM in the TÜVASAŞ business area.

In addition, those who say that the operating field of TÜVASAŞ is not enough, what level of reason and logic they have come to this opinion, it is a separate subject. We're really curious.

The AK Party deputies who conveyed their views about TÜVASAŞ and the journalists who supported them, have visited many leading factories in this sector abroad and have seen this opinion.

For years, the Turkish Transport Union as the foundation of this work in the year of 2005 Canadian Canac company has been prepared according to the report prepared in accordance with the new railway law, but no one can hear the sound of yelling.

Following the approval of the Law prepared in 2008, TÜVASAŞ will be disconnected from TCDD. In order to continue its activities, TCDD will have to rent the place it deems appropriate, and it will have to find its own market to produce new wagons or do repairs.

Although TÜVASAŞ has been established in the field of operation, it will not have such problems and difficulties due to its 15% partnership share with the EUROTEM factory TCDD, which has no partnership ties but is always mentioned together. Because with this partnership share, EUROTEM will become a subsidiary of TCDD.

Therefore, TCDD will be able to give the wagon manufacturing and repair works without making it to the tender. Again in the 2008, the state was prepared within the framework of the national program and committed to the European Union; It is promised that the railways will be withdrawn from the production of passenger, freight, wagon and locomotive.

This was accomplished when the name of MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT is converted into MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION, MARITIME AND COMMUNICATION. TCDD has become a monopoly in freight and passenger transport by rail.

When these laws and legal regulations come out, terms like better service and more efficient work are actually fooling the public for privatization. The intention to liquidate the idea of ​​moving the TÜVASAŞ.

The idea of ​​moving has been made to hide the liquidation of TÜVASAŞ from the public in Sakarya. The operating field of TÜVASAŞ is sufficient, whoever says it is not enough, are those who want to get their share of either ignorance or rent.

Since the earthquake, 100 is about to spend more than a million dollars in an institution that has spent money to waste resources on this country. In addition, the next 3 should carry out its operations on the current site, which takes millions of euros in business during the year.

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