Rail transport volume in the US decreased by 5 percent.

25 in the US In the week ended in February, the volume of rail transport by 5.0 declined.
According to the data released by the US Demiyolları Birliği (AAR), the 296 bin 319 wagon in the same week of last year was the 281 bin 644 wagon, which is the same week in this year. On a weekly basis, the container volume is 1.4 bin 184 with a decrease of 703 per cent compared to the same period of the previous year, while the trailer volume is 9.9.

29 bin 699'e came down. Thus, the volume of Intermodal transport 2.8 declined by 214 percent

It was 402. The estimated amount of freight transported by rail was 3.9 billion tons with a decrease of 32.2.

Source : I www.borsagundem.co

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