The High Speed ​​Train Planned to be Made in Samsun is at 2020.

It was clear when the high-speed train, which AK Party Deputy Cemal Yılmaz Demir insisted on Samsun, would arrive. Provincial President Osman Çetinkaya said that the high-speed train will take place around 2020.
Osman Çetinkaya said that in negotiations with the Ministry of Transportation, they were able to calculate the ability to take the high-speed train before 2020. Çetinkaya said, “This issue was conveyed to our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but he did not tell us anything clear about it. But in the first place, we want to make the highway between Ankara and Samsun. There will be two branches of our highway road in between. One arm will go to Ünye and another arm will go to Bafra. ”
Çetinkaya said that they started their activities in order to develop the highway project promised by Prime Minister Erdoğan in Samsun. We cannot get the support we desire from the opposition party, CHP and MHP, regarding high-speed trains and highways. We will try to have a high-speed train between Ankara-Çorum-Samsun until 2020 ”.
Osman Cetinkaya said in his press conference that the high-speed train project would be like 2018-2019.

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