A Plaque of Appreciation from ASDEF to Deputy Demir for His Efforts on High Speed ​​Train.

Ankara Samsun Federation of Associations (ASDEF) President Architect-Economist Remzi Kozal thanked AK Party Samsun Deputy Cemal Yılmaz Demir for his efforts on high-speed trains and presented a plaque.

At the ceremony held in Ankara Kuzey Yildizi Samsun Pide Hall, a plaque of gratitude was presented to Samsun Deputy Cemal Yılmaz Demir, with the decision of the board of directors, due to the work done by ASDEF for Samsun as well as his outstanding efforts in high-speed trains. President of ASDEF Architect-Economist Remzi Kozal, who presented Deputy Demir's plaque, drew attention to the importance of transportation and said, “The divided road will be connected to each other via Ankara and Samsun high-speed train after the highway. Therefore, the efforts of our deputy Cemal Yılmaz Demir on this matter are beyond all appreciation and we offer them a gratitude plaque as a sign.

Deputy Cemal Yılmaz Demir thanked him for the meaningful plaque and said that they made an effort to serve Samsun.

Source : I www.haberler.co



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