Italian response to fast train line growing

Italy's response to the high-speed train project, which will link Lyon with Turin, is growing. In the north of the town of Val Di Susa, north of Itaya, where a train line passes, the protesters who set up barricades and burned the fires were lifted by police force, while some protesters lay on the rails at the main train station and prevented trains. The demonstrators denounce the violence of the police:

“It's normal for us to react. But only the youth are reacting. If we come together, we don't allow this violence to apply to us. Eğer

D I saw a gendarme unit coming from behind us, cutting off the electricity in the entire area and leaving us in the dark. This is no good. Bu

Protests Rome has spread to the cities of Bologna, Milan, Genoese, Trieste and Palermo. 29 police and protesters near 100 were injured last night in the police intervention in Val Di Susa. The locals said the train line would harm the nature and the money would be wasted unnecessarily, while the government said it was impossible to get back from this project.

Source: euronews



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