324 million for 391 metro offer!

The opening of the 324 for the Ankara Metro was made yesterday. 51 indigenous condition of the work, the completion of the work certificate has not been able to enter into any babayiğit tender. Chinese CSR 322 with the lowest bid

The Ministry of Transport took the 51 domestic industry condition and the expected wagon auction for the months took place yesterday. While 3 was a foreign company to bid, the lowest copyright holder was 322 million dollars with Chinese CSR Zhuzhou company. South Korean Rotem, who has the most chance in the tender, attracted attention as the highest bidder with 511 million dollars.

If there is no problem after the examination of the technical documents, the tender will go to the Chinese CSR, which gives the lowest price. 51 domestic production in the production of wagons in the auction of a great interest caused the excitement, but the completion of a certificate of work was shocked for the domestic investor. Domestic firms could not enter into the tender. Thus, the domestic industrialist's dream of producing a domestic train was postponed to another spring.

The tender for the Ministry of Transport, Ankara Metro to buy 324 set subway cars, will be held in February, while the date was postponed to 14 March. For the 5 set of vehicles, the '75 domestic industry contribution' requirement was set for the 30 set and the delivery was for the 14 month and then for the 20 month. In the remaining vehicles 249 "51 percent local contribution" This step of the Ministry asking, metro and rail vehicles had created great excitement in the review will create a new industry moves in Turkey.

Siemens thanked

Metin Tahan, Deputy Director General of Infrastructure Investments, told VATAN prior to the tender that although 9-10 stated that the company had received specifications for the tender, 14 bid was submitted to the tender held at 00: 3 yesterday. The Chinese CSR Zhuzhou Company, the Spanish CAF (Construcciones Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, SA) and the South Korean Rotem have submitted their tender to the tender that Siemens has thanked. Following the opening of the tenders in the tender, Ahmet Tashanoglu, the Chairman of the Tender Commission and Deputy General Manager for Infrastructure Investments, announced that their price limit was 1 billion 39 million 736 thousand 250 Turkish Liras. According to this, the 3 bid did not exceed the upper price limit.

Domestic industry will still be in production

The 51 requirement of the ministry is very important for the tender. Domestic industrialists were unable to participate in the tender because they did not produce 81 vehicles in one party, sought in the tender specifications. However, the foreign company, which won the tender, has to procure more than half of its production, mainly the main body, from domestic production. This will allow domestic producers to be involved in the process of manufacturing domestic wagons. The Chairman of the Tender Commission Kuşhanoğlu said that the company, which does not comply with the domestic production requirement, will face very large sanctions, and that they will most closely supervise whether domestic production is used in the production process. According to the tender specifications, the company that will undertake the work, 20 month after the contract has been signed, will start the first delivery in the form of parties for 15 vehicles. All vehicles will be delivered within 39 months. In the first 75 of the metro vehicles, at least 30 domestic contribution is foreseen, while in the remaining part the domestic contribution rate will be 51. The first delivery time of the vehicles will reach the completion of the construction work of the Kizilay-Cayyolu and Sincan-Batikent subway lines. The date the Ankara metros will be operational is the end of 2013.

Source: news.gazetevatan.com


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