9 reduced the number of YHT expeditions from February 2012

Ankara-Konya-Ankara High Speed ​​Trains operated between the time and number of times in the new arrangement was made.

A written statement from the TCDD, due to the severe winter conditions and tomorrow (9 February 2012), according to the new regulation will be valid, the number of voyages are reduced, the hours were reported to change.

According to this; YHT expeditions are as follows,

YHTs move from Ankara;

  • 07.00 Xinjiang and Polatlı posture,
  • 10.00 Xinjiang and Polatlı posture,
  • 14.30 Xinjiang posture,
  • 18.30 Xinjiang and Polatlı posture,
  • 21.15 Xinjiang posture,

Movement hours of YHTs from Konya;

  • 07.00 Polatlı and Xinjiang posture,
  • 10.00 Polatlı and Xinjiang posture,
  • 14.30 Xinjiang posture,

  • 18.30 Polatlı and Xinjiang posture,

  • 21.00 Xinjiang posture,

  • The DMU set between Konya-Karaman and Konya and the YHT connection times with Selçuk Express were also rearranged. According to the new application, the movement hours of DMU sets with YHT from Karaman will be 05.40 and 17.00;

    The passengers who travel to the canceled flights will be provided with the next train service. Passengers who have given up their travels will be refunded without interruption.


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    p style =: text-align: right; align> Source: TCDD

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