Has Party Tepebaşı district chairman Ramazan Kaya touched upon the difficulties in urban transportation and said that a solution should be brought as soon as possible.

In his statement, Kaya pointed out that the tram makes people's lives more difficult instead of making it easier.

Our country and our city is having a winter that we have not experienced in recent years. Minus 10 (-10), which is next to snow and ice, makes our lives difficult. We would like to remind the city's managers that we have citizens who are trying to live with limited opportunities and income under these difficult conditions.
The city has a great importance in the city as a means of transportation in the city. The lines determined for urban transportation vehicles make it compulsory for our citizens to get on the tram to reach from one place to another. the number of passengers carried by the tram is increasing.

Tramways have been made to facilitate people's lives all over the world, while in Eskişehir they turn into torment because of crowds. So every time you pass in front of the Metropolitan Municipality of Human Freight Trams Metropolitan Büyükerşen is happy.

Children, young people, women, old, all the citizens of the old grinded tramps for transportation is no longer handled and torment should be stopped. Our municipality is not done at all. Social municipality is getting up from the armchair and seeing the trams of fish that pass in front of your eyes every day.

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Günceleme: 22/12/2018 16:35

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