From Europe to Asia of wagons will be from Tekirdag | TCDD Köseköy-Gebze railway

Since the TCDD Köseköy-Gebze railway line is closed, 2 will be transported by vessels between Tekirdağ and İzmit Derince and Bandırma for the year.

Tekirdag Port Manager Mubin Salter Salt said in a statement that the project of moving train wagons between Tekirdag and Izmit Derince and Bandirma by ships will be implemented for two years due to the construction of the Kösekoy-Gebze section. Stating that the trains that will go to the inner parts of Anatolia will also be carried to Derince by ships, Salt said: “Akport railroad was built. Train train is being made in depth. Trains coming from Europe used to pass from Sirkeci to Haydarpaşa. Now this line will be canceled, so the trains will pass from Europe to Asia, from Tekirdag, the far south east of Europe, Thrace lands. The departure point of the train, namely the transition point to Asia, will be Tekirdağ. One of them is from Tekirdağ to Bandırma and the other is from Tekirdağ to Derince. The ships carrying the train wagon are similar to the ferryboats ...

We call them the "Train Fairy". They have a rail system like rails on railways. Trains on land are pieced into the ship. These ships even have two floors and three floors. Therefore, he has the chance to load the train consisting of 25-30 wagons on the ship and take it at once. We have been living with the longing for this for four years. As soon as possible to connect Derince and Bandırma from Tekirdağ. But Banda to connect a little more time alacak.salt, Barbaros The town of ongoing construction of Asian Port harbor extremely robust and to Turkey for a very lucrative place would be belirtti.500 million dollars in goods, which express the harbor to a large establishment in the area Eden Salt continued: “The port will cost $ 500 million. A 350-acre land will be filled to the sea. It's a huge port. The port, which will appeal to 70 percent foreign countries, will be the transit place of the ships and the cargo brought by small container ships will descend to Barbaros Asya Port. It will be held here. Larger container ships will pick up these coming goods and take them to certain ports in the pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean and the Indian ocean. From there, smaller ships will come and receive these goods. It will be distributed to their destination. Container ships with a length of 400 meters will approach this port. No more like a port in Turkey.

Source: TCDD



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