The First Step in the Way of Ulugh Davos

16-17 in Uludag The Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan will be held in March with the participation of prominent names of the business world, and the Economic Summit is seen as the first and important step towards the Davos being the winter tourism center of our country. In addition to Ali Babacan, TÜSİAD President Ümit Boyner will also participate in the business world by Suzan Sabancı Dinçer, Ahmet Zorlu, Nihat Özdemir and Ali Ağaoğlu.
Harput met with members of the press summit about the Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum, contributing to the promotion of this country, he said. Eden It is the economic summit made here that makes Davos Davos. The world's leading economics and politicians are talking about the economy here every year. Therefore, the importance of Davos is increasing. Our Davos will be Uludağ. Bizim

Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan will attend Uludağ Economy Summit, which is planned to be held at Grand Yazıcı Hotel in Uludağ between 16-17 March. Babacan will come to Bursa on March at 15 and participate in special programs. Babacan will then take part in the 16 March in Uludag and attend the Economy Summit. Babacan will stay in the summit until the lunch session and will participate in a series of programs in Bursa in the afternoon. After the end of the programs, Babacan left the city in the evening
Harput said that the most important names of the economy, politics and non-governmental organizations will be attended to the summit. Nihat Ozdemir, will join prominent names such as Vodafone Turkey CEO Serpil Timuray and Ali Agaoglu, "he said.
Uludag Economic Summit, the global economic crisis experienced in the past year said they would talk of successful policies implemented by Turkey Harput, "influenced a minimum level of Turkey from the global crisis and the successful economic policies implemented were appreciated in Davos and other economic summit. Our ministers and politicians were praised for their successful economic programs. Mr. Babacan also attended the Davos Summit
It was. We couldn't ignore this success. And the meeting will be held in Uludag Turkey's economic success will be the first topic, "he said.

He said the summit will be held in Uludag economy is important for Turkey, Harput, "We can not do all these coins though we spend the introduction of Bursa so good. With the introduction of both the Summit will be held in Bursa Turkey. Of course, our goal here is to enter the worldwide recognition of Bursa and Turkey's first 2023 10 year in economic terms among the world countries. We believe we will achieve this. Bunu
Harput, who said the other headings of the meeting, said they will discuss the work done on the production front. Harput said that they will talk about the sectors of the future in this meeting. Istanbul has taken important steps to become the center of finance. In terms of automobile, Bursa has come to an important place. It is no longer a car without an automobile, without a Bursa, Bursa. In terms of tourism, both
Bursa are both important centers of Turkey. This meeting will be a summit where important decisions will be taken in terms of the future. Bu

Harput stated that the meeting halls and accommodation places were short before the Economic Summit to be held in Uludağ and said that Uludağ needs a large conference hall. Harput said, göre What are the deficiencies in Uludağ at the summit to be made? The shortcomings of transportation, accommodation, health and safety will emerge after this meeting. The shortcomings will give us a great opportunity. Meet with the owners in Uludag
we will eliminate all problems. If there is trouble in transportation, it will be solved immediately. They will be dealt with if they have health problems. I do not know what problems are experienced at the moment, but after this meeting will be put on the table many issues, ır he said.

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