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Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO) Chairman Mahmoud Kösemusul, Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) Ferizli that support the move to Organized Industrial Zone and said he found true.

Kösemusul, AA correspondent, Turkey's 2023 goals they hope to reach everyone by putting his hand under the stone, he said.

Reminding that 2023 billion dollars of export is projected in the 500 target, Kösemusul said, “We care about innovation, R&D, innovation, change and growth. We have 2023 targets ahead of us. There will be 14 thousand kilometers of railway line in our country. We will have the latest model wagons. There will be advanced vehicles in this sector suitable for him. There is also EUROTEM. They need to increase their numbers, grow and have sub-industries, ”he said.

Stating that he thinks TÜVASAŞ and EUROTEM are not in the city where they can set an example, Kösemusul said:

“In our new vision, we say that 'we care about clusters, no distorted industrialization, industry under discipline, let's be in the air of the city'. I support TÜVASAŞ moving to the organized industrial zone and I find it correct. If we succeed in this, I think we will also benefit our Sakarya city. Because there will be an industry that grows with its sub-industry. As our taxpayers increase, the contribution of our Metropolitan Municipality will increase. I think that the emergence of such a factory from the city center will pave the way for the Metropolitan Municipality. This is a serious area. "

Source : http://www.sondakika.com

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