Awarded with TÜVASAŞ International Quality Award

Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) (BID) Business Initiative Directions organized by Business Initiative Directions of 'The World's Biggest Quality Summit Award' as defined 'was awarded the International Quality Award Gold Category.

BID, 117, the industry and the industry with the importance they give to the leader in the sector has become a leader in order to appreciate and encourage each year gold, platinum and diamond, including the 3 category is the summit.

IQS (International Quality Summit Award - International Quality Summit Award); it is given to each company for achieving corporate success in leadership, quality, innovation, technology, customer service and satisfaction, certification and prestige in the designated sector. The award; individuals, institutions or organizations can not be a candidate spontaneously, the award committee months of nomination process in the selection of universities, chambers of commerce, embassy opinions and suggestions are applied.

In the past 12 months, BID has brought together companies from 117 countries around the world with its worldwide congresses held in Paris, London, Madrid, Geneva, Frankfurt and New York. In the proposals submitted for the International Quality Summit (IQS) Award, which will be held in the USA-New York on Monday, May 28, 2012, TÜVASAŞ has awarded the International Quality Summit Award (IQS) in the 'Golden Category' based on the IQS regulations and criteria of the QC 100 Total Quality Management Model. 'right to receive kazanwas.

From Turkey, Digiturk ever, Dogus Holding, Kardemir AS, Garanti Securities Investment Foundation, Aktif Bank, Istanbul Public Bread, Ihlas Gazetecilik and sponsorship of this award was awarded İGDAŞ; brands that are prone to world-famous change and market trends are made by 26 media organizations focused on business news and finance.

General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki, in his statement, said that TÜVASAŞ deserves to receive this award with its increasing market share, certification studies, sales revenue that has increased by breaking records every year compared to the previous year, advanced technological infrastructure, innovative approach and strong human resources features. kazanhe said he did. Ertiryaki said, “The recognition of our work in the international arena motivates us, as a well-established and dynamic institution, to reach greater goals and add new ones to our successes. We are also happy to have been recommended by successful companies in various regions of the world, which have reached certain quality standards, to the International Quality Award, which our company has been awarded as a result of the importance and work it attaches to quality standards.” he said.

To TÜVASAŞ, worldwide prestige in its sector kazanExpressing that the corporate identity will not only increase the recognition and quality awareness in international markets as the world's largest 'Quality Summit Award', Ertiryaki said: “It will also prove its leadership in the sector. This award, which certifies the compatibility of our production techniques and products with world standards, is a source of pride for us and for Turkey.”

Ertiryaki added that they will participate in the award presentation at the International Quality Congress to be held in Manhattan, New York, on 27 and 28 May 2012.

Source: CİHAN

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