Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK) Receives New Locomotives

Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK) by domestic production and the country in mind TULOMSAS gain / Eskişehir manufacturing locomotives in 1000 were included in one of HP. In the statement made by TTK Communication and Public Relations Branch Directorate, “We are the second city in the Black Sea Region after Samsun, which has a port and railway connection. The fact that this important service is provided by our institution as TTK is also seen as a pleasing event. Our institution uses coal wagons, which are only purchased from Kozlu and Üzülmez establishments, for railway transportation.

TCDD does not only bring it to Zonguldak station. It also transports various commodities of the ships belonging to public or private units coming to the port to TCDD station by wagons. This service, which has been carried out since the 1950s, has reached the present day and continues despite the structuring in the city. The importance of our railways is demonstrated, since the transportation of wagons is suitable for the Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant and KARDEMİR, which are the buyers of the produced coal, and the transportation of the goods of the ships coming to the port is for wagon transportation.

Railway transportation, which started with steam locomotives, continued with connecting rod, semi-automatic pleymouth and roman brand locomotives, respectively. These locomotives that have filled their economic life have been ignited. Considering the domestic production and the earnings of our country, 1000 units were purchased in 2007 from the locomotives in the power of TUSOVAS / Eskişehir 2 HP; 1 more than 13.02.2012 has been delivered in this year and it has been included in the railway transportation service in our institution. bu

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