Train and garages became a private film plateau

155 has been a natural film plateau for garages, trains and trains, which have been a place of sadness and happiness for years and which became the intersection point of separation and separation.

TCDD earned approximately 2010 thousand liras from these shootings, with more than 2011 cinemas, series, commercials and documentary films in 200-250 in trains, stations and stations belonging to TCDD, which became the favorite places of the producers.
The stations and stations in 41 province and 439 district attract attention as the places that give identity to cities with its architecture. TCDD, many of these places are included in the scope of the historical work of the original restoration by offering to the service of the citizen, on the other hand for various cultural purposes for the use of art and artists.

Domestic and foreign filmmakers have made 201 shots at these venues in the past two years. While 126 of the shootings were documentaries, 41 of them were serials, 22 of them were cinemas and 12 of them were commercials; Mustafa Ceceli, Burcu Güneş and Ebru Yaşar were the artists who preferred Haydarpaşa for the clip.

11 countries, including the USA, UK, France, Austria, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, China and the Netherlands, shot in these locations for different purposes.

Source: AA


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