Traffic will be relieved after 2013 in Istanbul.

In the second part of our interview with the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, we talked about the challenging aspects of the fighting, the measures to be taken into consideration in Istanbul traffic, and the new arrangements in metro investments.

Traffic will be relieved after 2013 in Istanbul

Mr. Minister, we met with you, the difficult conditions of transportation in the abdomen and the most intense time of winter came across. Air, land and sea transport to your areas of bad conditions occurred, but as usual, Istanbul traffic is often locked. If you were the Mayor of Istanbul, how would you solve this traffic nightmare? There are always winter conditions, disasters, catastrophe or an emergency, traffic in all major cities on the Istanbul scale. In London, in Paris, in New York, I'm in the forehead of traffic. She doesn't, she won't. This is something that big cities and inhabitants must accept in advance. What should we talk about? We need to talk about a bearable traffic load in Istanbul. That is, towable traffic. If this is above it, the traffic doesn't work.

Marmaray 1,5 will carry million passengers

Do you need to migrate back from Istanbul to make the traffic foldable? I'm not saying immigration, but we will take action. Traffic in Istanbul is very blocked, we have no way to say 'Come on, go ahead.' It is our duty to produce solutions. Look, we're making Marmaray. It will end in 2013. We are making the Istanbul-Ankara high speed train. Now Kartal-Kadıköy metro will be commissioned in April this year. It is also made on the Levent side. The tender for the Üsküdar-Dudullu-Çekmeköy subway was made. Next to Marmaray, we make another tube passage. Vehicles will pass there. And the 3rd bridge is on its way. When we get all this, there will be a certain relief. I ask briefly, will Istanbul traffic relax after 2013? Can we give such a good news to the public? They are partially relaxed. Marmaray will carry 1,5 million people between two sides in a day. This is a very important thing. The share of the rail system will increase from 8 percent to 30 percent. The sea is already being made as much as possible. We have no chance to increase it too much. Istanbul's traffic is not just a road problem.

Good news for municipalities that cannot

You have signed an important protocol for Ankara on the Keçiören subway. Is the Metro under construction in major cities? Is Istanbul next? There is Istanbul, Izmir, Adana. I don't say anything about scheduling for now. They are making their demands, we will evaluate these demands according to budget planning. The law brings that; We can do it as a ministry, municipalities can do. We're not taking away their authority. If we do, then 15 of the metro revenues will be given to the Treasury every year until we close the investment amount. The budgets of municipalities are not enough to make a subway, right? Not enough, but our budget is limited, not infinite. We will do a priority, according to him will implement.

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