Trabzon Port Operation Manager Muzaffer Ermiş opposed the idea of ​​'make Çamburnu Shipyard Logistics Center'

Mr. Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, the President of NAPC fired a fire at the Port Operation Manager Muzaffer Ermiş, who showed the quarry in Deliklitaş against the idea of ​​Çamburnu Shipyard Logistics Center. Gürdoğan said, Gür I don't need to train Muzaffer Ermiş. No one should be more than a king. How much export is currently being made from Trabzon Port? Do you have any exports outside the container? Let them answer first. There is no logistics center in Deliklitaş. Let's see if they think they can, Ol he said.

President of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union (DKKB) President Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, they proposed 'Çamburnu Shipyard Logistics Center' against the idea of ​​Trabzon Port Operation Manager Muzaffer Ermiş'e lashed out. Gürdoğan said, “How much is export from Trabzon Port? Are there any exports outside the container? I don't have to raise my name to Muzaffer Ermiş, but no one should be more than a king. The location in Deliklitaş is not the Logistics Center. Let's see if they say it is happening Ol he said.

Gürdoğan said that Ermiş's thinking was completely wrong, Trabzon At first, Trabzon Port Operations Manager Muzaffer Ermiş had a positive attitude towards our approach. But then he had to talk to his bosses and suggested a different place. He believes that Logistics Center will damage Trabzon Port. In fact, Trabzon Port will take a share of it. His thought is totally wrong. Logistics Center We will set up Deliklitaş and then move the goods to the port. Would that happen? Logistics Center in Sürmene, the sea between the land, on the main road to Georgia as a center will take the route to the route. There will be no shortage of urban traffic. I'm asking now; If we set this logistics center to Deliklitas, how will we meet the traffic density in the city? Bu.

Gürdoğan stated that they had made a series of meetings in Trabzon on this issue and called everyone to these meetings including Muzaffer Ermiş. Lant Before this meeting, we held meetings with the governor and the politicians. The Undersecretary is here. The establishment of the Logistics Center is under the authority of the Ministry of Economy. The location in Deliklitaş is not the Logistics Center. The reason for this is the National Real Estate and 80 is the turning point. 80 will not be the Logistics Center. In addition, the Ministry of Industry and land expropriation come to explode. Therefore, since the 80 cannot go to the ministry with the need for land turning, the result is obvious. Logistics Center is the duty free area. Therefore, there is a need for a storage area. We need a place around 600 turning. Sürmene Çamburnu Shipyard is waiting for us as a place where it is possible to grow. We have the problem of ensuring that the Ministry of Economy declares the Logistics Center. In an environment where investors are ready to invest, there should be unity and solidarity in Trabzon, we do not find these approaches right. Yat

Gürdoğan also made the following statements in his statement: When the potentials are taken into consideration, in the coordination of our unity in the establishment of a Logistics Center in Trabzon; Ministry of Economy, Deputy Undersecretary Uğur Bülent Ecevit, Minister of Economy, Trabzon Governor, Trabzon Ministry of Economy, President of Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Eastern Black Sea Development Agency, Rector of KTU, Trabzon Commodity Exchange, TSİAD, MUSİAD, KARGİD A meeting was held in Trabzon on 8 February 2012 with the participation of representatives of Trabzon Port Authority, representatives of the forwarding companies, and representatives of the firms who were allocated in Sürmene-Çamburnu Shipyard. In the meeting, it was stated that it is necessary to establish a Logistics Center in Trabzon province by addressing the region by all sections and it was agreed that the most suitable place in terms of area size and strategic location is in Sürmene-Çamburnu Shipyard filling area. Within this framework, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (General Directorate of DLH Construction), which is among the duties of the Ministry of Economy, is among the tasks of establishment of logistics centers. It is necessary to allocate to Ministry of Economy for establishment of Logistics Center by the Ministries concerned. Trabzon public opinion should be locked around this proposal. Trabzon

Source: Günebakis

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