Nostalgic Tram Running on Bursa Cumhuriyet Street, continued to carry passengers despite heavy snowfall.

Heavy snowfall that has been effective since last night in Bursa has a negative impact on life in the city center. In the city center where snow thickness increased to 25 centimeters, drivers and citizens were caught unprepared for snowfall. The closed village of 88, which is closed in Bursa, is being tried to be opened by Special Administration teams. The nostalgic tram, which runs between Cumhuriyet Caddesi and Davutkadı, continued without any break despite snowfall.

The snowfall began last night, the city's historical beauties to white. Bursalılar in the morning hours were caught unprepared for snowfall. Especially the citizens sitting in the upper parts of the city could not remove their vehicles. The drivers who had left the chain had a hard time.

Metropolitan and district municipality teams, worked in coordination with the Police Department and tried to open icy roads. In the taxi and minibus stops at Tophane which provided safe transportation to Uludağ, holidaymakers had to wait. When Uludağ road closed, the customers were kept in the city center until the highways teams opened the traffic.

Meanwhile, Meteorology officials said that snowfall will continue until evening, the clock will lose its effect after 18.00.


On the other hand, Provincial Special Administration Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department Head İsmail Aksoy said that the number of closed village roads is now 09.00 as of 88 hours. Aksoy, closed village roads in Inegol, Iznik and Keles said that the weighted. Aksoy stated that 13 continues to fight against snow in Bursa and said “Due to heavy snowfall, we think that the number of closed village roads may increase later. 18 grader and 4 snow blade truck with 60 personnel snow fight

The work continues uninterrupted. We evaluate every incoming notice. Gelen

Although Kar has a negative impact on life in the city center, it continued its nostalgic tram services between Cumhuriyet Avenue and Davutkadı. Instead of walking in the snow, citizens prefer the nostalgic tram.

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