Tender announcement: Ankara-İstanbul High Speed ​​Train Project Doğançay Ripaj Section of Vezirhan-Köseköy (km.121 + 00-km.145 + 300) project preparation and infrastructure construction works

Railway Construction Department-Construction Works-Construction Works

Tender Responsible:

Contact Akif directly

Tender Manager Phone:

0312 3090515 / 4262 -0312 3104114

Listing Date:
07.12.2011 00: 00: 00

Tender Date:
08.02.2012 00:00:00-14:00



demiryoluyapimdairesi@tcdd.gov.t is

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TCDD Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Railway Project N Description 121-has been published for the design and construction works of Geyve Sapanca (km.000 + 145-km.300 + 1).

We kindly ask you to receive information and accordingly.

APPENDIX: Description-1 (2 page)

Please kindly be informed that the “Clarification 1 for the Tender Documents” has i issued herewith for the TCDD Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Railway Project, Procurement of Design & Construction Works between Geyve and Sapanca (km.121 + 000-km.145 + 300).

ANNEX: Clarification 1 for the Tender Documents (2 pages)

QUESTION 1: The work of ”Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project Geyve-Sapanca Design and Construction Works Yüksek, which will be awarded by your administration, will be realized on 3 January 2012. Tender Document of the Specification, Instructions for Tender Participants The 7.2 Article of Part I is referred to as Mad the place of sight document should be put in the tender dossier by all participants Şart.

The same specification applies to 4.1. The participants can come together and form a joint venture / consortium or ordinary partnership to submit a tender for the tender. Based on this article, we understand that all participants who form a joint venture, consortium or ordinary partnership will receive a separate certificate of placement. Please confirm.

DESCRIPTION 1: Yes, we confirm. The tender shall be put into the tender dossier by obtaining the separate certificate of the individual participants of the joint venture, consortium or ordinary partnership. Otherwise, the offer will not be accepted and the participant will be eliminated.






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General Directorate of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the European Investment Bank - EIB - received a loan and a portion of this loan Geyve and Sapanca araqs the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Railway Project, Design and Construction intends to use for the Supply of.

The aim of this initiative is to realize the Design and Construction Works covering all parts of the construction works to ensure the technical and physical quality of the Istanbul - Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project between Geyve and Sapanca according to the Labor Contract signed between TCDD and Contractor of the works.

Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD), taking into account the employer's terms and conditions provided by the Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that all design documents and construction gerçekleştirl.

This contract is expected to start in March 2012. The execution period of the contract will be 21 months starting from the Start Date.

The qualification criteria to be used as a prerequisite for the advanced technical evaluation in the evaluation of the tender are given below. If the applications are submitted by a joint venture, these selection criteria will be applied to the joint venture as a whole.

1) The Tender Participant shall have at least 3.- (one hundred fifty million) euros in the last three (150.000.000) years or equivalent equivalent to the contractor (defined as payment for ongoing and completed works).

2) The Tender Participant shall not be less than 55.000.000 (fifty-five million) Euros (EUR) or its equivalent, taking into account its commitments for other contracts, to the liquid assets sufficient to cover the construction cash flow of the contract during the 4 (four) month period. shall have access to or have access to unencumbered fixed assets, credit line and other financial instruments.

3) The Bidding Participant shall award a minimum of one 225.000.000.- (two hundred twenty five million) Euro (EUR) (or equivalent) to one of the last (10) contracts within the last ten (1) will show that you have completed the job successfully. The similarity will depend on the physical dimension, complexity, methods / technology or other characteristics in the specific areas of experience given below.

(I.) Viaduct and Bridge construction,

- Bridges

- Viaducts

(II.) Tunnel Works

  • Highway and railway tunnels (conventional and TBM)
  • Subway tunnels

  • Grilles and chimneys

(III.) Highway Construction (infrastructure and superstructure)

  • motorways

(IV) Railway construction (infrastructure only)

  • Railways
  • Subways

  • 4) The Bidding Participant will demonstrate the following experience:

    A. Conducted a minimum of 10,000 meters of railway (except for subway tunnels) or highway tunnel excavation / construction with a traditional method or CPC. At least the 4,000 meter will be made with the CPC method.

    B. To have done at least 4,500 meter bridge or viaduct work in total.

    5) The General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) recommends that the Tenderer takes into account the design criteria (geometrical selection and size-location) given in the “General Conditions of Design” and “Scope of Works” provided by the Employer. However, as the Contractor is both a designer and contractor of the Works, the Tender Participant is free to design the system in line with its own evaluation. The Contractor assumes full responsibility for the provisions of all and all services in order to ensure that the design is undertaken in a professional manner in addition to the normal obligations associated with the construction.

    For this reason, the definitions given in the tamamla General Terms of Design ve and ler Scope of Works ecek shall be provided by the Contractor in order to complete all necessary design services or all necessary goods (materials, plant, equipment and other things to be supplied) or their responsibilities under the Contract. not provide full details of all Works and services.

    These definitions serve only to provide an overview of the scope and nature of the Works and to specify that any deficiencies in these definitions will not limit the responsibilities and obligations of the Contractor. All locations and dimensional information in these definitions are approximate, for information only, not mandatory and will be accurately identified and confirmed during the design and execution of the Works.

    6) The Tender Participant shall have the following main equipment to be used for the contract (its own property).

    Tender Participant shall be responsible for the facility, machinery, equipment and other equipment; they shall be notified by the notary public or by the notary public or by the public accountant and the financial advisor and the financial advisor.

    The tender participant shall be deemed to be the property of the Tender Participant, provided that the lease, facility, machinery, equipment and equipment acquired by provisional importation or leased to lease shall be submitted and the rents up to the first announcement or date of the tender shall be paid.

    Minimum 1 pieces Tunnel Excavation Machine (CPC).

    The CPC should be available on site for the first 4 months following the start of the works, and the outside diameter and daily average drilling capacity of the CPC shall be prepared by the criteria specified in the Employer's Terms and by the Tender Participant and shall be approved by the Employer. The provision of the CPC with these criteria on site at the time specified above shall be guaranteed with a written guarantee. If this cannot be ensured, the in Delay Penalty em shall be applied in the Special Conditions of the Contract under Substance 8.7.

    8 pieces Double arm Jumbo Drilling machine
    8 pieces Spraying Concrete Machine

    The General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) invites sufficient contractors to submit their proposals for the procurement of above mentioned works.

    Companies from all over the world can apply. All sufficient natural and legal persons or groups may apply.

    The Tender Participant may establish partnership. This şeklinde partnership ”may take the form of a Joint Venture. In the case of a Joint Venture (OG), all partners of the Joint Venture or Consortium shall be legally, jointly and jointly responsible for the submission of the Contract in accordance with the conditions of the Contract and for the fulfillment of the Contract in accordance with the Terms of the Contract and the declaration by the Participant regarding this matter shall be included in the Bid.

    No more than one application can be made by natural or legal person (including legal entities within the same legal group) regardless of the form of participation (individual legal entity or member of a joint venture). In the event that the natural or legal person (including the legal entities within the same legal group) make more than one application, all applications to which this person (and the legal entities within the same legal group) shall be excluded from the tender.

    If the Tender Participant considers that a number of substances or technical specifications in the tender documents limit international competition or provide an unfair advantage to some tenderers, a copy of this situation in writing to the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) is to be submitted to the European Investment Bank (EIB). na will send.

    The General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) will decide whether the selected Tender Participant has the lowest bid and the qualification criteria to a large extent. The determination shall be made upon the examination of the documents indicating the adequacy of the Tender Participant given by the Tenderer. A positive assessment is a prerequisite for the award of the tender to the Tender Participant. In the case of an unfavorable determination, the offer will result in a deficiency, in which case the Employer will proceed to the next lowest evaluated bid to make a similar determination as to whether the Tender Participant's qualifications are satisfactory.

    All written communication will be in English and Turkish. In case of any difference, the language of the contract will be English.

    Interested bidders may obtain information from the local time and 10: 00 - 17: 00 at the following address and review the Tender Documents:

    General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD)

    Talatpaşa Avenue 06330 Train Station / Ankara / TURKEY

    Contact Person: Mustafa BABAL (PCIU Project Director)

    Phone: (+ 90.312) 309 05 15.

    Fax: (+ 90.312) 312 62 47

    E-mail: mustafababal@tcdd.gov.tr

    The Complete Tender Documents set can be purchased upon referring to the address above and depositing a non-refundable 750 (seven hundred and fifty) Euro (EUR) fee.

    Account number:

    People's Bank


    Account Number 07 The December 2011 will be named after the project name.

    All offers N ISTANBUL - ANKARA HIGH-SPEED TRAIN RAILWAY PROJECT, SUPPLY OF GEYVE-SAPANCA DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION WORKS IM 08 2012 February 14, Wednesday local time 00: It must be delivered in XNUMX.

    The General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) reserves the right to reject the tenders received after the date specified above.

    Bids will be opened on the same date (08 February 2012, Wednesday) at the Conference Hall of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) in the presence of Bidders' representatives who wish to participate in 14: 30.

    Source: TCDD



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